In this article, I will guide you through the principles and lead to the practice of creating an alternator generator. Photo from You can usually tell because there will be a glass globe meter on the house where the supply enters. This is a very dangerous configuration when a belt cover is not installed! This is where you see the breaker switches that you use for each circuit in the house. Thank you for you positive input. We highly recommend you seek expert advice if you’re looking to do this project. First off a wind generator may seem to be built with very complicated machinery, but in fact this is not the case. The operating RPM of a Delco car alternator is around three times the RPM of the engine’s crankshaft. Note for Homemade Generator Alternator: "Free-energy" is a term that can have two meanings: (1) either the additional energy that can be obtained from a device at little or no additional cost, so the additional energy is essentially free; or (2) more output energy that appears to be available than input energy, such as in the case of detonating an atomic bomb. Once the Alternator is in place, we will need to add a transmission system and convert motion from a dynamic source to an Alternator. The diagrams above show how to wire the system, starting with the 12v generator made with the automotive alternator, going to the battery bank to keep it charged. An electrical supply for a small house is usually a 100 amp service but a larger home will require more. It is perfectly based upon a small house built of stone and the tower that supports the generator in addition to not be too high consists of a pipe of 20cm in diameter than the background is still somewhat wider. Does this link help ? The key to getting free electricity is using wind and solar power . The alternator was attached to the top tube, through an application to the belt tension and has a small metal cover to stay with some shelter from the sun or rain. I use an 800 watt converter for camping and hunting trips (pictured below) but if you want to use this method to continuously run your home you will need a substantial converter in the 4000-5000 watt range, although a 1000 watt will run the refrigerator, television, and several lights as can be seen in this youtube video. Making your own generator can be dangerous. One more time. This piece of tube about 30 cm long, with at the bottom a bearing, which will become another piece of pipe, this extracted from the inside of the strut, namely the male, that tube having holes to put the bolts. With items you can scrounge or with a minimum initial investment and using your brain you can make your home power source for yourself. We also discovered that there are modifications that can be made to a Delco alternator to make it suitable for a small wind generator. We also discovered that there are modifications that can be made to a Delco Please note that a safety guard should be installed to cover the belt and pulleys! - Yes! One of the most important factors to consider when building a homemade wind generator is, without a doubt, its robustness and ability to withstand storms and high winds. Question Far too much friction and energy loss. Because a car’s crankshaft generally operates at around 1,000-4,000 rpm, a car’s alternator is designed to put out good charging voltage and amperage around 3,000-12,000 RPM. As it turns out, this is the ideal charging voltage for a lead acid battery (a standard car battery). That's what those energy companies do to provide you with electrici... Currents are 180 out of phase with each other, Lenz's law naturally is broken. The overall speed of the blades is not as important as obtaining as much energy as possible. It was these frustrations using wind and solar energy generators that led me to explore a magnetic home generator...enter in the Homemade Generator. The "-12" means that alternator is "clocked" at the "12 o'clock" position. To my surprise the cable still worked! To secure an independent supply of power for your home is a logical thing to do in these circumstances. Do not use this type of alternator! The alternator (as it comes out of the car) is a poor choice because it contains diodes and regulators that limit its output. A safety guard can be built using scraps of 2 x 4s, and another scrap of plywood. As the unit is rotated, the output voltage increases. Or does it just magically appear just before it gets to your house? I painted a Cross of Christ in guiding because I think it bears some resemblance to the sails of Portuguese ships bearing this symbol. Out of pure curiosity and having the parts readily available, I tried it following his every detail. The change of position has to be done manually, but it is important to do in case of a forecast of unusually high winds or when you want to have the generator stopped. Without breaking Lenz's law, we can still generate stable quality AC current, and 220V power as usual. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! I have a car alternator that has 3 wires. They are easy to install, and guarantee a supply of electricity which is not reliant on outside sources. There are are some free designs for building your own wind powered generators online. The breaker box on your house has a 220v feed coming into it, this is then split into two banks of 110v power. A larger turbine would have the advantage of printing more power to the machine and to run more easily in low wind conditions. Watch the video with the machine running, and if you like, subscribe to my Youtube channel. In this article, I will ... You will need to take the service panel off the front of the breaker box to access this. Then solar energy isn't reliable. We did a little searching around the information superhighway to ferret out the truth behind wind-powered generators made with Delco alternators. Buy an alternator from WindBlue Power that already has the permanent magnets installed to complete the project. Yet they know that with the car running, the alternator also supplies the battery, keeping it in a position to return to power the vehicle when it is again fixed and is necessary that energy and also to carry out re-starting the engine. What about using a three cylinder Detroit diesel engine to power your engine, you can also buy # 2 diesel fuel for your engine and it is a lot safer than gas. Automotive alternators can supposedly be reconfigured to generate 110v. Today's AC technology and radio technology are a mystery if we can ask questions about these two technologies. The faster it rotates, the higher the output voltage goes! This battery bank in turn supplies the needed 12v input for the 110v inverter(s) which can then be wired directly into the house breaker box. This lessens the demand for power and in the event of a failure of a gas powered generator or inability to obtain fuel you can still run your house off of the batteries, and by supplementing the system with solar power and a wind generator built with an automotive alternator (or similar) you can keep the batteries charged to run the 12v lights and power inverter(s). Your email address will not be published. This will provide power to the entire house. No one will install such a device in a sheltered place, that would be a paradox, because what is natural is that it is, as much as possible, exposed to the wind. The more self sufficient are even making their own clothes and/or other household items, including building their own homes and even furnishing them with handmade furniture. Make generators by motion system - Homemade generator - Method of generating electricity from a fundamental kinetic energy source with Lenz's law is present Once the Alternator is in place, we will need to add a transmission system and convert motion from a dynamic source to an Alternator. It is therefore evident that this effort is taken from the engine to the rotation of the alternator causes increase fuel consumption, which will be greater the greater is also the consumption of electrical energy, especially at night. On top of this cylindrical pillar was built a piece of iron pipe, tapped a metal anchor of the works. That’s it. The reason an alternator will not be the ideal choice for a homemade wind system is due to the fact that perhaps many do not know, to be needed a lot of strength to rotate the shaft of the alternator when the latter, after reaching a certain number of rpm, starts production of energy.

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