While top auto manufacturers are gradually adding more electric options to their fleets, not all drivers are ready to leave their current models behind. However, most drivers who opt to convert rather than purchase new are more motivated by a desire to hold onto a classic car with sentimental value than they are by saving money. For more than 30 years, Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) has offered electric conversion services to commercial customers, with much of their business devoted to transforming tugs, trucks and carts for airline and industrial use. No matter what brand of car, whether you want maximum speed, maximum torque or the best of both worlds, with a New Electric car conversion you can re-power your car and make it future proof for many years to come. Besides cars, we also have a look at the shop's solar array and the "Powerwall" energy storage that it feeds into. 11.25” x 13.25” x 11.12” / 286mm x 336mm x 282mm / Width x Height x Length. Photo by Peter Oliver. For additional assistance, they have also published more than 200 instructional videos available on YouTube. For more information about the Switch EV and the Switch Lab, visit, ©2020 Make Community LLC. Teachers appreciate how our workshops break a complex technology into clear step-by-step modules. EV West, a garage outside San Diego, is turning classic cars into electric vehicles. Our main focus is business to business, supply, development and training. Check out the conversion of tow trucks and a subway track maintenance vehicle on our projects page. Pick your battery system — budget lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion, from 10kWh to 30kWh battery packs. The peak performance of these brushless motors are very closely proportional to the system bus (battery) voltage. resize the image, the CSS style sheet will resize the images for you, once New Hampshire-based EVA is the ultimate resource for drivers interested in converting their vehicles to electric power. Computer programmers, carpenters, men, women, high school and college students — even auto mechanics — have successfully assembled and understand the Switch. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Maybe even a bit of off-road shenanigans in the case of its awesome Baja Bug build. Their data-driven, research-led technology represents the cutting edge of the electric vehicle conversion industry, and DIYev developed the first all-electric drivetrain to use the original manufacturer’s transmission and parts. New Electric The reCAPTCHA box was not checked. These RMS controllers feature industry leading power density and are responsible for setting several world records and are able to output the power necessary to fully utilize the potential of the AM Racing motors. Breaking Down The Tesla Craze: Why The Popularity? The Switch defines a new class of auto — a lightweight, high-capacity, versatile electric vehicle (EV) that requires minimal resources to construct, assemble, and drive. Juice is provided by a 32-kWh LG Chem liquid-cooled battery … The cost of the conversion project are largly determined by the weight of the car and the required range. Their site features books, technical papers, spec calculators, a parts catalog and more. These systems have been integrated into full-sized vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, ground support equipment, golf cars, motorcycles, industrial/utility vehicles and even amusement park attractions. And it’s truly a Maker vehicle, ready for the full range of builders. Electric Vehicle conversion. All work takes place in their Southern California facility, and the team will convert your existing vehicle or assist you in locating the perfect candidate for conversion. We use cookies to optimally design and continuously improve our websites for you, as well as to display content in line with your interests. What started as an idea to produce our own simple, fun, affordable electric vehicle has evolved into a DIY project easily assembled by nearly anyone. Copyright © 2020 - HybridCenter.org | All rights reserved. Best Electric SUV for 2020: Our Recommendations, GetUpside Review: Save up to 45¢/Gallon on Gas – Promo Code: 9T3M3, Best Hybrid Cars for 2020: An Extensive Guide, 12 Great Electric Car Conversion Companies Reviewed.

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