Isis tag skill is pretty useful and she does more aoe dmg in arena so she is useful there as well. Ok so I got all the heroes to build my team, but I still feel so weak!??! 2016-10-13. Characters are sorted into different classes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic) and have rock/paper/scissor-style pros and cons. However a few of them have 2 skills. His skills are geared more towards arena combat. Save the souls for rare heroes. It may not be your end game team, or the best combo, but it will do for now till you get the heroes you want. Don't get other heroes. Hina passive activates on crits, so it synergizes well. Sain, Hina, SiriusSain as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Hina as main shooter. But wait, what if I dont have any of the heroes listed here? Maybe a playthrough of Leliana's Song will improve my opinion of her. I have Jeed so I could get a decent combo going with 3 dark chaos guys and 2 supporters. You could have just gotten lex 3 times and got a lvl 51 lex which is far more useful. Good in arena due to her ability to hit the entire enemy team and freeze them as well. Sirius there to boost crit chance to trigger Hina's ability. I hope not. Hero of Ferelden, Warden Commander. Tag between Ivy and Bella for the buffs.This works for all the Pentadragon heroes. That's what I do: hoard gems until you have enough to do real damage on an event (>100 for 500th place or better, >250 gems for 250th place) that features a character prize that you want at the level you can afford. Nice guide man! This post will hopefully help you figure out how to build a team. Use them during events to maintain/raise your ranking, or climb the rewards tree to get the Epic. He also sees Wynne's youthful model for what it is. Pendragon supports are focused on recovery and defense, when what you usually want is more offense. Dragons Testament. Also looking for suggestions with Lin, mainly for infinite I guess. For example, A popular team is the Walpurgis Night combo, Bloody Mary, Nerphym, Ricky. I think the fact that I'm more interested in Wynne, play-style and body model explains why Leliana is so far down the list. Deckard, Cain, NerphymDeckard as leader to get at bonus and chance to burn, Cain as main shooter, tag between Cain and Nerphym for their buffs. Nerphym is going to be the best support for him, with her leadership bonus which adds 10% crit. The 2nd support is really based on what you have. In reality, Minerva or Nephym would be a better choice, but they dont get the Ancient Dragon bonus. The point is, you pick your main shooter, and look at which supports go with it, and also see if you can get any team bonuses. You get the following bonuses: So yeah, it really adds a lot. Allows you constantly dish out dmg while you dodge. Abel is saint and has better supports and does excellent dps. doing really well and enjoying Ellie a lot, but things are starting to get a little hard(currently on chapter 8 normal.). Heroes of Dragon Age is a card battling game with the graphics of a console action RPG, and the combination has made for one of the most popular games on … Stick to one, and you'll be better overall. Nerphym is a great support, only downside is her leadership skill is only for Dark heroes, so people like Lin and Cain miss out. GRRRRR Anger! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I've referred to it several times and at several stages of my development. Connecting to WiFi the first time you launch the game is recommended. He's a genius tactician and I don't blame him for abandoning the battle at Ostagar. Boss killing is very important for all the shooting modes, Scenario, Infinite, Boss battle, Raids. Carlyle is meant for arena. In arena he has a low chance to trigger all 3 attack skills at once, and can instant wipe the team. I got through 5th all the way up to the final node using a stun team. (Sirius, Ivy, Claire etc) If your rare support doesnt give you a leadership bonus, try to find a support which does. It's best to just look at what other people use (namely the top ranking people) and see what people you fight use. The cake is a lie.". Good aoe dmg means she's good at clearing waves. She has one of the coolest skills, but since all magic stones disappear after each wave, its a bit of a downer. His tag skill is also crazy strong, by slowing down time, it allows you to dodge better, and also shoot more. Jul 2, 2014 - Explore Xerks King's board "Heroes of Dragon Age" on Pinterest. Then come play Dragons World. One last thing is, don't waste rare hero selection tickets by getting multiple heroes. Won't load my file or log in- starts new file instead? The pentradragon bonus I'm refering to is the Ancient Dragon bonus which gives 15% attack. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I've been having really good luck using my gems to farm higher map challenges for cards and gold. This is a little more complicated because you have to think about what end game team you are aiming for. For Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What the best team to have? The best merge dragon and shooting in idle game. or should I get Selena first, as a boss killer, and then get a general shooter ? Its really up to your individual taste, and since I personally never tried them all, it's just theory crafting. He's had long enough to figure out humans and emotions and he still completely fails. Also has the coolest costume. 138029. If you used your 6* hero selection ticket on something else, that's fine. All end game teams have a rare hero, and a rare support. Mr Wiggums and Ser-Pounce-Alot have given me a much better opinion of cats! It looks like Bloody Mary is kind of my only rare shooter option. So if you're forming a pentadragon team with Lexion or bella, these two supports are the ones to go with. I was told that there would be cake. (or by using friends, but that only lasts 10 seconds). I was considering getting a chaos team, but since I got 2 6* Ellies and 1 6* Claire in like 3 days, I might as well run saint. Isis does 800% dmg per second. That might be too much to write out so I would rather see the line as something like: Carsiana is just there for pentadragon various passive/set bonuses. Maybe swap a penta dragon in for more dmg? Even his redemption was taken out of the game. He's pretty good to play as too. Support. I hate this guy. She is a bit crit dependent but can do a lot of damage with the right combo. You can get a feel for the various rares by playing arcade mode. Shale should've been in the game from the start, a good tank and a fellow hater of birds. Most rare shooters are good. I'd used up my gem hoard for special packs and Champion 10s, so I invested $20 for the Value Gem pack to see how the farming would $20 I've spent in this game. A rare hero is roughly 1 tier higher then a normal hero. The downside to that, blazer, is all the Runes you'll collect! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Minerva, (Abel, Selena, Michelle) , SiriusMinerva as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Abel is the main shooter, Tag Minerva -> Sirius -> Abel for max burst dmg.This build works for all the Saint heroes, Abel Selena Michelle. But he's got a good design and was pretty cool in Dragon Age: The Calling. I hope this helped. Overall You will usually pair a support hero with a shooter hero of the same race, to get the team bonus (15% attk) So Pendragon support + Pendragon Shooter. Dragon Age: Inquisition showcased both the best and worst of BioWare. Minerva, (Abel, Selena, Michelle), Claire Minerva as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Selena is the main shooter, Tag Minerva -> Selena for dmg.Claire gives bonus damage to bosses. Her crit attack passive means she benefits a lot from crit chance and crit attack, and her lasers provide a lot of aoe dmg. We’ve made changes to improve your game, like: By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Become an NFL GM and take your team to Super Bowl glory . If you already have a Nerphym, consider a Bloody Mary. Carsiana is not JUST there for pentradragon bonus. He has limited use in shooting modes but he is great at arena as a tank, as he reduces the damage taken of the entire first row. 276059. Raise & train an army of Dragons as you build an epic Kingdom to rule Atlantis! Similar to Lexion, with a stunning piercing attack. So thank you for your work. Pick the one you like the most. Sirius there to boost crit chance to trigger Hina's ability. Asura is mainly used for leveling other heroes, he really shouldnt be you main shooter. I'm currently running with a 6* Ellie, 5* Minerva and 6* Claire. Secondly, try to make use of team bonuses. Guide to building teams in Dragon heroes. Abel is the better shooter then Michelle.

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