Well developed characters, great plot twists (and facial expressions to those twists), superb animation, and a nice complementary soundtrack really came together to launch this series above and beyond all my initial expectations. Indeed. They intentionally did not put a proper ending because it never ends. Also I don’t know if that was on purpose or accident but it looks like the skull of the skeleton when it was on the mat was cracked. I hope she gets an honorable mention for one of the best characters of 2012/2013. Until we meet again! I almost passed this series up. Hakaze running off to chase after Yoshino, was totally predictable, though! Hakaze is answering them in real time and she also was able to use magic from her location. Every other show would have mentioned Hakaze by name in that farewell. Speaking of scripts though, Aika’s final message just highlights the philosophy she had toward life, as well as how her circumstances led her to living her life the way she did. Now I’m glad I did. And as soon as that happens, I get a whiplash of a weaker/annoyance episode that leaves me bland. His girlfriend also died. I guess we’ll leave that to the shippers or hopefully a vanilla doujin. I thought Yoshino got shot through the chest or some shit, he just got shot in the arm. That was what REALLY happened. . -Emphasize the themes of the series and play on its strengths –> which it did in spades, Mahiro’s talking about writing his own role and that he won’t be an actor in a pre-set play/story contrasted by Aika’s final message and how she believes the exact opposite really hammers in the theme of the show about fate, how life is like a play where everyone is an actor with a specific role to fill .. it also played on the strongest aspect of the show which is the dialog .. after all this is a series that had four people talking for 4 full episodes (Mahiro, Yoshino, Hakaze .. of course emergent comedian Samon) and still manged to be tense and super exciting, the rabid back and forth between Mahiro and Yoshino is always a joy to watch because of how much they contrast yet complete each other as best friends .. Aika’s final message and her final words were just beautiful and heart-wrecking at the same time. There is still more to tell in this universe! And Aika is kinda a troll till the end. MAN this reminds me of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo at the end. Lastly, thank you, Zephyr, for blogging this ZnT to the end. Some were just perfect and moving. Episode 7 (Sub) First Kiss. It’s actually much more intense than this. Because as many of you have probably found out the hard way, series like Zetsuen no Tempest just don’t go on trees, and it’s just sad how we’ll likely never receive anything more regarding this series/universe. And to me that’s the best resolution Tempest can give me for a final episode. With that in mind, it’s a proper ending to me. . what do you mean, they are pretty much together now, what else you want? To see Hanemura and Mahiro’s girlfriends, read the final chapter of the manga. But not Zetsuen, and not Aika. Also, some nice Shakespeare quotes. https://randomc.net/image/Zetsuen%20no%20Tempest/Zetsuen%20no%20Tempest%20-%20ED2.24%20-%20Large%2006.jpg. See more ideas about tempest, anime, yoshino. Then both of them intertwine their fingers and walk together. Jun going for Fraulein…How did I not see that coming? The only thing that I actually really like in this episode was the long await sucker punch from Mahiro, and that Yoshino finally chase after Hakaze in the final scene looking like a potential lover leveling out Hakaze’s mad obsession with him. Another great anime comes to an end. Too bad she doesnt notice him… Because of the oddness that I felt about this anime, I can’t really consider it ‘the best’ of 2012/2013. And boy, I love this ending. THE BEST ENDING FOR ANIME FALL 2012! On the other hand though, one has to take the moment also to bask in the glory of a series vastly exceeding expectations, which does at least nullify the post-great series depression somewhat. I’m a guy who usually skips through the ending credits, but something about it was executed beautifully. Anyway, this has been a fun ride all the way from the first episode to the last second and I just want to thank you guys for covering this series objectively. Easy, replace Guilty Crown by Zetsuen. Most ppl here will agree that GC doesnt belong in a top x list. Now it’s up to people to think what they want to think. Absolutely amazing finale. Dialogue at the end part is nice. The more restrained mood they choose still has its charms per se though, and given there's no timeskip it worked better than a more explicit alternative imho :). "First Kiss" "Fasuto Kisu" (Japanese: ... Hakaze and Yoshino come across Megumu Hanemura, the same boy from the construction site and learn about his powers. And well, there’s not much to say here when you get down to it. Welcome to the rest of your lives, characters! It just didn’t feel like a 10 to me and I don’t know what it could have added to gain such, but it was still a great series. Very glad. So first we get that kissblocker ending and then it leaves us wanting more. A spin-off manga was announced a couple of months ago. Through our own 24-episode journey, it really drilled home the point that Yoshino and Mahiro have been through a lot in their own journey. I enjoyed reading your thoughts greatly. Aika giving Yoshino her blessing SPECIFICALLY towards Hakaze. And there comes Hakaze, who I thought wouldn’t show up, then Yoshino runs to her, and their smiles tell it all. Ultimately, this is what I mean when the finale ends up particularly fitting for the series. I won’t deny the fact that many episodes in this series were jaw-dropping in revelations. Wow, it seems the writers have caught the “good ending” bug. This was really one of the highlights of the season. Every other show would have mentioned Hakaze by name in that farewell. The end of the show was a new beginning, and the fact that it cut off right before they embraced each other was emphasizing that idea which was the main idea of the show. This was my favorite anime this season, my favorite finale this season, and possibly one of the best animes I will ever watch. So it’s still pretty much open-ended. Goodbye, Aika, Goodbye Hakaze, I’ll see you again when the BD will be released . See more ideas about Tempest, Anime, Yoshino. I liked the ending as well – most of the problems are resolved and we had plenty of time to deal with the character’s final feelings on the matter. https://twitter.com/ZephyrRC. I decided to intro the first episode as a result though, which combined with Bones’ superb animation to keep me interested. Her comments about how she believes life is something where you’re an “actor on a stage (who) cannot change their script,” as well as her belief that you’ve fulfilled your role if you manage to “exit beautifully,” really just hammers in the situation thrust upon her as the Mage of Exodus. Two thumbs up!.. Zetsuen never friggin ceases to amaze me. View and download this 1000x758 Zetsuen no Tempest (Blast Of Tempest) image with 108 favorites, or browse the gallery. See more ideas about Tempest, Anime, Yoshino. I can say that this and another simulatiously airing series from fall,that I enjoyed just as much at 1st but then a lil’bit less than ZnT,that ended last week made me realize that character driven stories really are more to my liking than the plot driven ones. Some even had amazing quality and animation that can easily make Tempest tower over other titles. Yoshino Takigawa (滝川 吉野, Takigawa Yoshino) is the main protagonist of Zetsuen no Tempest. If you want to deepen this argument, there was a good post by Stilts here. This is Amazingly Beautiful and it ended well. I thought that was pretty appropriate too, considering that Yoshino was the one who’s most affected by the death of Aika. Then she decided to play one final joke on them, and my reaction was very close to theirs as well. I really liked this anime it was great and everything was not only tied up well nut the fact that the final episode could reach back thematically to all the episodes of the series also really makes it work. That said, the ending of the series leaves a kind of void as a result, in addition to a bittersweet aftertaste. Alas all good things will come to an end. This anime was in every way perfect. Idk whether it’s my number 1 or number 3. Mahiro actually having a girlfriend was the final curveball that has hit me in this show. And with this I just need to say I’m glad to have been able to watch this series. , and yet it is them who made the significant changes that allowed the happy ending to happen. Go back and watch, it’s true! With the Trees both now gone, people can actually now live a life where they’re able to write their own scripts—or in Mahiro’s and Yoshino’s cases, actually live normal lives. At the same time though, it’s quite amazing at the same time how she was able to still live on despite knowing that her life would likely never hold the same things many people take for granted, which just combine to make her one of the most memorable characters in recent memory for me. In the manga, Yoshino did not reciprocate Hakaze’s feelings. It’s just confidently told it’s well profound story by it’s own pace. It’s only because of the strength of its characters that the show could pull off a discussion that lasted four episodes.

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