$ 35.00 Buy AFRICAN MAHOGANY Back and Sides Luthier Tonewood Guitar Wood Supplies AMAGD-002. supplies. German Lime 2 piece Solid Body Guitar Blanks Tilia platyphyllos Also called European Basswood, this species grows throughout Europe. These came from a tree large enough and old enough to look much like the old-growth lumber from India. This is a fairly lightweight, light-colored wood from West Africa with excellent tonal qualities. It produces one of the classic furniture and cabinetmaking woods. Feel free to call or email. “I am glad LMI sets a high standard in quality all around. so you can order with confidence. Home | Bodies, Necks and Wood | Body Blanks. With the disappearance of other species of black Ebony this species is fast becoming the Ebony of choice. Keim Lumber. U.S.A. Also called Pepperwood & Bay Laurel, this is found on the Pacific coast from southwestern Oregon to southern California. It is easy to work and can easily be carved with, against, and cross the grain. something, please call or email! This wood is increasingly becoming popular as an acoustic guitar wood. It produces one of the classic furniture and cabinetmaking woods. selection. Color: dark red to reddish brown with irregular black speckles or stripes. woods at every price point. November 22, 2019. Solid body electric guitar body blanks. I hope that you enjoy your visit! service is something we cherish and hope to build on in the Welcome to North Ridge Hardwoods.We are a family owned, mill direct operation specializing in high quaility tonewoods. Learn more about Sawn Hard Maple Neck Blank .875" x 3" x 30", Birdseye Hard Maple Neck Blank .875" x 3" x 30". years ahead! SKU: 37054. The heartwood is a rich strawberry red, in sharp contrast to the light colored sapwood. A conifer species native to the Pacific Coast of the U.S.A. SKU: 38611. Because of the generally small size of available logs, most sawmills produce flatsawn boards which will show a broken curl on the surface and a fiddleback curl on the quartersawn edge. BYO-BLANK-SA $79.00 * * Padauk Body Blank. $18.49. This Ebony has a marked resistance to checking that is characteristic of some of the Indian and Asian species. BYO-BLANK-M $105.00 * * Swamp Ash Body Blank. Our Phones are staffed: This wood is found in the equatorial forests of West Africa. Please don’t the craft than this website, with it’s hundreds of article, Sometimes called Gabon or Gaboon, this Ebony is sometimes jet black but oftentimes has grayish streaks that mostly disappear when finished or after the made object has been put into service. We pride ourselves on having established relationships It is fairly fine-grained and takes a high polish. Thank you so much for a totally professional experience!”, “Thank you for the quality materials and service that you provide. Sawn Hard Maple Neck Blank .875" x 3" x 30", Qtr. Can be highly chatoyant or lustrous. March 23, 2020, by Josh House I would recommend it to anyone as an extra purchase when you do an LMII order.”, “The LMII string gauge is awesome, I use it for plotting and reporting fretboard configurations to manufacturers. Easy to work and takes a nice polish. Hard and heavy, 45 lbs/cu ft. Easy to work and takes a smooth polish. hesitate to contact us if you need help making a selection Koa is becoming rare. Still have questions? to create a kit that takes advantage of our incredible wood It is recognized as one of the classic carving woods. *O'Brien neck joint routing jig, choose dovetail or... *Spray Finishing System - QualSpray AM 5008/8008, https://www.lmii.com/blog/visiting-and-tours/. Our offerings change often, so be sure the check our Jigs, fixtures, tools and supplies. Generally straight grained and exceptionally stable, it is easy to machine, hand plane, sand and finish. Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST Website Content Copyright © 2020 Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Luthiers Mercantile offers the largest selection of tonewoods, Free Domestic Shipping on Orders of $50 or More, Shop Bridge Pins & End Pins & Strap Buttons. LMI ships all around the world. Also called Letterwood and Leopardwood. prepare our fine woods for luthiers the world over -taking care

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