This extra money is lining probably one or two ppls pocket and it’s just plain greed. Kelly, Ed, Jason, Chris, Levi & Gabe. It is heavily favored by medicinal and recreational users for its no-nonsense approach to getting high though it is mostly available to West-Coast users. At Golden Meds Leetsdale, patrons have access to some of the state’s finest bud varieties in the convenience of one facility. Outdoors, she likes sunshine. this strains effect at outer appearance is highly reliant on the time of year it blossomed. 1 review rated 3 stars. In the winter however it grows to be a purple plant also with a strong grape smell and a grapy earth flavor. Media. Golden Meds Leetsdale wants to bring the curative powers of cannabis to all Colorado residents who seek alleviation from their everyday pains, aches and negative symptoms. Click to filter by 5 stars. Details. You’ll find it at the intersection of Leetsdale and Oneida. I called to simply ask if the prices were OTD or not. In-store purchases only. Disclaimer. & are registered trademarks of Ghost Management Group, LLC. I asked for the products I saw online which were priced WAY OFF. It has a powerful citrus-menthol aroma that leaves a nice, no cough, aftertaste. Be the first to let people know how it is! I'm sorry I hardly make enough money as it is but my mental health and my physical health requires a alot. Deals. Media. At any other dispensary I would have been met with apologies by many bud tenders along with my item being replaced or a free item as an apology. I have 1000 batteries at home. Directions. Hello, we are the new GOLDEN MEDS, located on Leetsdale and Oneida in Denver. I was uncharged in this situation and it was completely unfair. How to Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Ice Cream: Marijuana Recipes, Cannabis Promotions: How to Successfully Discount Your Product. Also gotta love that 14er bud on Rec side. Weedmaps isn't up to par with your level of professionalism or customer appreciation. You can grow it indoors in hydro or soil. In-store purchases only. Only problem is they don't Supply the medical people internet for the dollar that extra few bucks so they Supply only the wreck side and now it's in a lot of places but at least I got to say they have to hook me up and helped me out the best they could. Call (720) 386-4665. View Golden Meds Leetsdale's marijuana menu, daily specials, reviews photos and more! Never felt more disrespected. In-store purchases only. Like I was saying Golden Meds, both locations and Red Eye ( *one word here in Colorado Dick head) (*fix your sh*t) are great shops with good people. Media. & are registered trademarks of Ghost Management Group, LLC. This place should be ashamed of the way they run. In-store purchases only. Directions. They force you to stand 6' away from the BUDTENDER. All I wanted was some respect and consideration. Trust a fellow upper-middle class white guy. “Let me get that amount for you” says the guy that answers the phone and then comes back and says “I can’t talk about taxes with you, it’s the law.” What? They just use their old prices to lure in anybody that doesn't know any better. Love most of the people there. Like I was saying Golden Meds, both locations and Red Eye ( *one word here in Colorado Dick head) (*fix your sh*t) are great shops with good people. Reviews Write a review . Call (720) 386-4665. Both scent and flavour are fruity like bubble gum with a hint of skunk. Home / Find A Dispensary / Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries / Golden Meds Leetsdale - Denver, CO. As a provider in the Colorado state, Golden Meds Leetsdale permits legal adults 21 or older to purchase cannabis products at its facility. This mind altering pure sativa is a South African born and bred electrical hit. And then when you call them out they just say what do you want me to do? Veterans' on shake. Came in today to the Med side for the Westwood coupon of 1000mg Koala Bar for $34OTD. Its buzz and creative, heady-high last for hours but do not interfere with productivity making it a great day time smoke for those wishing to get out and about and enjoy life, or work. Wish they had more concentrate deals but im not knocking points for it as the prices are still reasonable. It refers to a wide variety of Indica hybrids that are commercially available. Great service guys!!!!!! Disclaimer . She's very nice, but, if she's not working, the employees they have filling in for her are downright hostile. none of information on here is accurate and they have horrible service and attitude flower wasn't anything special at any grade, place is horrible they have menu on here but they don't mess with weed maps so they sold me a junk ounce of b.s. It is used for medicinal purposes though it is a stimulant and my keep you awake. Details. Ill spend a little more across the street. Directions. Menu. From flower to snacks, oils to pieces. (She’s lucky I didn’t snap on her right then an there for the disrespect)She had a green badge but I sure hope she’s not part of your management or else I’m sure there are more negative reviews like this to come. He replies the cheapest oz i got is 160. Call (720) 386-4665. Reviews . It tested at a scary 25.4% THC which makes it a one hitter, parental discretion recommended as it can produce extreme psychedelic couch lock. It has low yields and long growing time so commercial growers stay away from her. I'm a regular customer and sometimes can't get to dispensary. It has a powerful citrus-menthol aroma that leaves a nice, no cough, aftertaste. Golden Meds Leetsdale- Dispensary in Denver CO 80224. Copyright © 2020 Weedmaps. The female bud tender made the trip worth it! Directions. This facility is handicap-accessible, and an ATM is available on-site for added convenience. Void, AJ's Sour Diesel, Ghost Train Haze, Chocolope, 501st, Ranging from $5.00-$175.00. Copyright © 2020 Weedmaps. Golden Meds Leetsdale is the company's newest location — the shops sits at 970 S. Oneida St., Unit 15, Denver.

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