In the past century alone, the temperature has climbed 0.7 degrees Celsius, roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming. According to the American Meteorological Society's State of the Climate in 2018, 2018 came in as the fourth warmest year on record in all four of the major global temperature datasets. This kind of arrangement leads to “ice house Earth,” where glaciers and snow are common. Complex relationships exist in the ecosystems (predator-prey, the food chain, pollination, etc). pV1rGfiam/Ko8AMVdJPaMJguvFDKECFXtKxFKcinKM1L0+Lny9qYqtnu7EJOT5gMQlMYRle0/dEG Divide the data so that each group or individual has approximately the same number of data points. Nineteen of the 20 warmest years all have occurred since 2001, with the exception of 1998. Have students compare the trendline with their original determination of whether global temperature is rising, falling or remaining steady. They sought more southerly routes in travel, for example, and adopted agricultural techniques that would allow for increased productivity even in a colder climate (Goosse, et al., 2006). VdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsV 2 (2006): 99–113. +6Mltc31/wCpGLiNpoDJ6U0qL6sK+oAWqAV5UY0xVO9BtvKvmNF1bR9V1K4s4DPaSRi+1CONpQyF Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Several factors have contributed to these productivity increases, including better management practices, improved crop varieties and the health of food animals, animals used for food (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2014). Figure 3: Global average temperature changes during the current interglacial. lmsgIzdzieQR8FUqgZE4pXiKVpU4qluofln+WN7BoSy+ZoTP5fsLLTrOdprGQlNPctC9HVuLFWdX fpB8v4q+we4pb0WE2eraxZBh6Lypf28Q29NbpSJB1/bnhlk+bHBqJceOEutcJ8+Hl8omI+CpzmGh w6BFG8kmpWqRxx+rIxmjAWP0zLzPxfZ9NS9fAV6Yq1F5j8vSxpLFqlpJFIA0brPEysprQghtweJ+ aQy24uopS8ttNBBFAkrKQVHpB3KBS/CoCrJPyg81XHmyHW9Ot9V1GOHyzeHTYbuSXTro3USFljm5 Hewitt, G. “The Genetic Legacy of the Quaternary Ice Ages.” Nature, 405 (2000), 907–913. Placing the graph paper in portrait orientation allows for approximately 40 lined intervals. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004. Earth has experienced climate change in the past without help from humanity. Learn … The changes that resulted from this warm period were significant. For a very basic introduction to the topic of global climate change, the reader should examine Ohio State University Extension fact sheet, CDFS-186, published in 1996, available at xVdLruhwkiXUbaMqzIweaNaMgBZTU9VBqcVUo/NHlqQOY9Ws3EcjQyEXER4yIzKyN8WzBkYEexxV Simple: Examine the source data and do the math. l+s20t4t/ELb6ssUEkUUnIyTxyVV7mIbJ+0Peiqjp35q/ltrRgtrTWre5+vmSKCJldRLwjDvtIig When all graph axes are labeled and teacher-approved, have students proceed with plotting their data points. RvbGfkY0f91PKg2IrxBpvXMyOnwRvNXGDuR/NNiVfGIPlRPcmpjuP2frWT+fvM8EcTW95c3U18eK Wv2MjyrLSwiBKilCWuW40oCFCMoWu9MnrYCOKQAr1n/efptmDY5UpW+lmzOjwQ3JhtoNYjnWziWM uuid:8c3adfcc-0b65-e749-985c-4b48baec68b6 6VddOsWgSWhMYadh9YVnYJsgp8IqG5VjVZifKHlNipOi2BKmqk2sOxoRUfD4HFW/8J+Vf+rNY/8A BSHy1pWsw/n15pu5bhzps1iohjNqFPJo7Pi/1oQgOAVkRUaQkcenU5gqjL38uNVh84w+a7jWTqcd Note that after a slight cooling trend from 1880 to about 1915, a warming trend developed, which lasted until the mid-1940s. Columbus, Ohio 43210 SND/AM04q7/CflX/AKs1j/0jQ/8ANOKu/wAJ+Vf+rNY/9I0P/NOKu/wn5V/6s1j/ANI0P/NOKse8 World population in January 2020 was estimated to be 7.8 billion, up from 4.0 billion in 1970. False When combining individual graphs into the class graph, be sure to fold back or cut off extra paper so that the year spacing remains constant throughout the graph. vMzQ3OoXFzN9ZTi0kZkYrE6FgwqsapsRTschLV1OJG4hGIroe8H42wlCJ5hjWv8AkSSWe7NpDCul Land In this way, they act as a giant “sink,” preventing the increasing emissions from causing an even greater atmospheric level of CO2 than otherwise would have been the case. They will make a determination about what they think is happening to the global temperature over time. Determine the range of data by subtracting the maximum and minimum temperature values (e.g., 14.87-13.54=1.33). iVpAbsImtQSgKEN1K8wcAjkvoz3LLStAhPKvEZRknHKZYxXp+gj+iAK/zox/03LmrI9Qv7TTrC5v Call out each of the date ranges to verify that each one is assigned to a group of students. These phenomena include the increased temperature trends described by global warming, but also encompass changes such as sea-level rise; ice-mass loss in Greenland, Antarctica, the Arctic and mountain glaciers worldwide; shifts in flower and plant blooming; and extreme weather events. College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences The data also show that during our present interglacial, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 had held rather constant at around 280 PPM until shortly after the industrial revolution began at the end of the 18th century. Second, the causes of these changes vary based on the time frame we are considering. Ask if any students have ever looked at global temperature source data (data measurements from science institutions) themselves. Even if they peak as early as 2030—which seems to be an earliest case scenario—it is quite likely that global CO2 concentrations will rise to 450 PPM by 2050, when global average temperature is likely to be another 1 to 1.25 degrees C (1.8 to 2.25 degrees F) warmer than in the first decade of the century—and warmer than in any previous time during which humans have inhabited the Earth. Ask students if this trend has always been the case over the past 136 years? bU9OuLC5B9K4QoWUlWU9mVlIKsp3BHQ5bgzSxzE48wqV+VbHUla91PVSRqV7IIZYRURJHZs0MbRg Two of the cool periods (1982–1986 and 1992–1993) are associated with large volcanic eruptions (El Chichon and Mount Pinatubo, respectively). Adobe Illustrator CS4 xmp.did:01801174072068118D4A9E096AA5B282 The semi-annual fluctuations of about 5–7 PPM are caused by increased uptake of CO2 by plants in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. FfrJc3tz6jWz3DwepE0FxeIQskLK9dwN+gJCqax+d/yolufq0ev3bT+pHAU+t6rtJM5jjU/HQFnB This means that the demand for energy will grow considerably in coming years and decades. If it is not, use the. WjeCE05g/F8Q3GKsUP5R+SrJ7Z9M83WrsLiE3BuJbIBIUiggZ4gsbqZQlovEMONWY4qio/ya/KSD 5Gsbi2/SPq21pfaRa61ZMoM87x3TSp6TQxB+LxtEAwDn7Y7BiqqZ61+d/kzRr+4hvfrAs4LKC8F7 They will respond to opportunities and to education.

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