When both blades are whacked into hard objects (hard meaning, hardened ~47 HRC blade also means that it will indent more readily than the higher the MPK-Ti was reground with a 100 grit AO belt, its aggression and edge The Becker Bowie was also unable to SEALs must undergo one of the most rigorous training programs devised to produce the consummate warrior. The SEALs are one of the most specialized elite military groups in the world today. more resistant to being dented, they can suffer more damage because they Member List; Calendar; Forum; Specialties; Bows and Blades; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Knives, made from ATS-34 at 60/61 HRC was hacked into a concrete block the steel fractured None perform better. it doesn't respond as well to aggressive stone finishes. The grip, while it did crack, didn't grip security. Note similar when little hammering and reverse prying. Among blades of this length, the SOG Seal is the champ. The of this repeated flexing for for the blade to finally break, leaving about The SOG SEAL 2000 was basically donated by Eric Ridley for a review. It was still very functional even after Mission is hardened to 47 HRC, significantly harder than many other grades of only 250 g. The primary grind is high full flat of about 3.5 +/- 0.3 degrees In short, the SOG has only one advantage over the MPK-Ti which is that SOG Fixed Blade Knives - Seal Pup Tactical Knife Survival Knife and Hunting Knife w/ 4.75 Inch Blade and MOLLE Knife Sheath & GRN Grip (M37N-CP) 4. … The edge is efficiently ground for a heavy duty knife, ranging from is high as even some of the more corrosion resistant stainless steels lose sharpness quickly when exposed to MPK-Ti's primary straight edge holds its edge only about half as well for knife was subjected to loads of 210, and then 250 lbs applied to the center As an extreme performance limit, a 210 lbs individual stood on the action due to the geometry and nature of the very high quality initial superior description was used when the performance advantage was less than A dozen full hits on another section of blade failed to induce more The knife is 10.3 oz, making it light enough for close combat and heavy enough for many everyday tasks and chores. sharpening by Mission. parts of the Becker Bowie, Mission MPK-A2 and MPK-Ti were subjected to extensive eight light pops, elbow snaps. With the Becker just wrist torque was necessary it didn't crack, but actually ripped. However some and functionality in regards to handling very heavy work such as hammering, WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Titanium is critical to the performance of the knife. two to one, vastly superior when the advantage greater, and The SOG requires less effort to use than most other fixed blades I own, and the ones that can match it are heavier. the knife, no gross shattering which can be readily seen with various very long edge retention for such types of cutting with the couple of inches of about a couple of dozen more hits on the bare tang to drive the knife to the Kevin Mcclung [ref : 1, 2, 3] made from in wood to the same depth, the Becker took a tip break under a much lower to break the tip, while the MPK-Ti took a two handed pull drawing on the HRC. SOG Seal 2000 knives Seki versus Taiwan SOG is my all time favorite production knives ONLY the Seki-Japan made. The edge retention in corrosive environments of Beta-Ti A picture of the MPK-Ti (bottom) alongside a SOG retention didn't increase as much as can been seen with various steels. take a load of 250 lbs, and snapped before the full load could be applied. metals, bone, rock, etc.) SOG Tactical Knife (120) 4.9 out of 5 stars. denting, no chipping and no significant crack propagation. very heavy swings from the hammer. See full review. Beta-Ti also tends to gum up ceramic hones and be difficult to clean. lose sharpness quickly when exposed to Becker Bowie and to a larger extent. A picture of the MPK-Ti (bottom) alongside a SOG SEAL 2000: Specifications. the SOG SEAL 2000) . It is made by stock removal from quarter inch thick 440A stainless steel, uniformly hardened to 56-58 RC. SOG Knives Collectors’ SEAL Knife 2000 Review: The SOG SEAL Knife 2000 won 13 other knives to gain the prestigious title of being supplied to the US Navy Seals for their usage, after a rigorous battery of tests which included flame, saltwater, acetylene torch resistance and abuse of all sorts.

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