Simple theme. trailer The originals have the pots mounted to the board as well, but ZVex uses the little square pots which are more expensive. Thanks for catching that. “The Swedish Squealer” is written over the splatter flag of blå och gul. Fuzz Factory The Fuzz Factory is a five-knob fuzz pedal with huge range of sound possibilities. Evenly important to know are the skills ap... A fine comprehension of how a wiring system works is important lore when you have wiring installation project. by garrettmhaynes » 06 Aug 2008, 15:01, Post Post it all here... No sales of working pedals, put these in the 'Seen for sale' section please. /Pages 26 0 R

There is a fascination when considering the assortment of pedals offered then and now. Many punctuation errors will follow. >> /E 46781

A properly sized terminal/cable composite, when crimped properly, will result in a very reliable connection. >> I updated the file. Zvex - Fuzz Factory [Lots of pretty custom shop Fuzz Factories] For mere completeness - and to stop me getting so many emails ;-) Here is the schematic a vero board layout for the ever famous Zvex Fuzz Factory, crazy fuzz sounds galore. What about the polarization which is not specified? /Info 27 0 R The reason is, the effect will be inside of the guitar.

Everything was going smooth and then I discovered your blog.

Fuzz is achieved, octave fuzz achieved, and all manner of scratchy, squeals in between.

In the Zvex Factory image transfer documentation the width is stated as 1.3".... Should that be 3.3" ? a��R�;A��wK�F�F�����0��x���U�q}������:i$�f�0��7��۪����}��/氎��6������׿�_��׿�p�`�[���h�O���?��߬����?����`LH��H���g:,�C�1п����"Vg��m2�]�?��!�����dj�j�;?��c��?��_��)��u������^x��_��F�ٍ����&����~�P��K|s�)�<5��a���Q��f���(�n�薾�?̹�#��g�:�k�GI. I was sitting with my headphones playing guitar and twisting the knobs for hours.

See, Sola Sound Tone Bender Mk. Equally necessary to learn ... Electrical Schematic Software Open Source. 0000000650 00000 n schematic: 12.02.2019 R1 1M R2 220k R3 10k R4 47k R5 470R R6 5k1 R7 220k RV1 B5k RV2 B10k I wanted to bump this topic as I'm a newbie to building pedals. Let’s find out how to install Gotoh SD91 Vintage Tuners! /Prev 222605 >> by Scruffie » 19 Nov 2011, 19:23, Post << by Nocentelli » 23 Nov 2011, 10:20. Hand painted pedals feature a lifetime warranty. My friends Jacob and Danielle gifted me with a fuzz factory clone of my own in late 2007.

Evenly need to learn are the techniq... A clear comprehension of cabling system built is valuable conversancy when you have wiring installation project.

Thanks so much!!! /Contents 31 0 R It seems that the volume pot is ok but for sure the comp and stab knobs works in opposite direction as the original one. 0000000970 00000 n Transistor pinout: Emitter, Collector, Base.You have to be very careful with that. The originals have the pots mounted to the board as well, but ZVex uses the little square pots which are more expensive.

All you have to do is download the file and print. Fuzz Factory. Common Information for Fuzz Factory Schematic Related with it, the circuits that convey electricity to the various areas are called as switch circuits. ok thanks, i don`t need a battery so i can use the 1590B. 28 0 obj folder. Because this is my first build and I don't know much about electronics I would like your opinion if you don't mind. /Names << /Dests 18 0 R>> Be sure to check the PCB and Layouts against the Schematics and vice versa to make sure there aren't any errors. As for the pot connections, some may be backwards, but with a noise maker fuzz like this one, that's not going to be that significant.

/Type /Catalog Here's my take on the ZVex Fuzz Factory. Hi everyone! Evenly need to know are the techniques appr... A nice perspective of how a wiring system works is useful conversancy when you start doing electrical work.

I had a few 4.7µ ceramic caps that I measured that were actually a lot lower in value (closer to 3µ), whereas electros seem to be more consistent. The bridge between COMP and STAB doesn't touch the DRIVE in the layouts, but it does in the PCB. It should be 3.8".

The Fuzz Factory is essentially a classic Fuzz Face with a LPB-1 booster in front of it, but with the twist that it uses PNP transistors running on +9V rather than -9V like a standard Fuzz Face.

319.00. HFE ranges should be around 70-100 and 100-150, respectively corresponding to each value transistor, ie 70-100 is for Q2 or Q3,Pardon my ignorance, thanks in advance, No worries.

just used the french schematic to build mine but i dont really fancy putting the ac128's in yet - the spec doesnt mention which way around to put them. Update!Used a 2sb54 pair, and the things going better.But I have a lot o questions about Gate, Comp and Stab pots.I have the strange feeling that I soldered them backwards, or at least if I listen the demos on ytComp knob all the way up (CW) is connecting, and CCW is 10k in between? /MediaBox [0.0000 0.0000 595.0001 841.0000] A single knob is labelled on this clone, “loudness”.

!Could I use transistors BC1088 replaced the AC128? I do not mind the reverse action of the knobs. For the traditional FF, 125B or 1590B can fits.I prefer 1590BB with upper jacks.

Quantity: Add To Cart. Evenly necessary to learn are the... A good perspective of how a wiring system works is helpful knowledge when you have wiring installation project.

This is my first pedal and I'm having a hard time reading all of this.

Fuzz Factory. 0000031847 00000 n

Even among devices that have a similar type number, an alternative in gain of three to a number of isn't unusual. Z Fuzz Fake small kit Artikelnummer: ZFuzz2. Gotoh SD91 Vintage Tuners for Telecasters and Stratocasters, Sonic Secrets – Shielding an Electric Guitar, Boss DS-1 Distortion “British” Mod Kit by Guitarburger, TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb Switch.

YMMV. But it seems to me that the handle "comp", works in the opposite direction is not like all the knobs. The diode and cap you're referring to are for polarity protection and power filtering respectively. Does it fit in 1590B or what kind of box u recommend? II Professional.

Like you, I want my guitar to sound true, and for each note to be savored. I wanted a layout that used regular 16mm pots, which are easier to come by and what you probably already have in your parts stash. Check out the Transfer Image Library page for pre-scaled PDFs of every PCB transfer image on the site. I love your site. just a stupid question maybe. Because I made the pcb two years ago and I waited to this day with the completion of the project. � �� =G ^�

/TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 595.0001 841.0000]

Hand painted pedals feature a lifetime warranty. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of new releases.

E’s demo of the Fuzz Factory was the cornerstone of what I wanted to achieve as an early player.

It has a diagram for off board wiring, including LED.

[usrlist Hardware:5 “Chainsaw Sounds:5” “Vibe:5″ avg=”true”]. 0000032800 00000 n /ProcSet [/PDF /Text] endobj

This weekend, quiet the 60-cycle beast – try Shielding a Guitar w/ Step-by-step Instructions! Those brands that do not have two or more layouts on the site are grouped together in the "Misc." >> /S 144

You can just jumper off the board to add that in. Click here for an even more intense view of the Fuzz Factory! Part placement didn't change any, just the traces. Seems the schematic I based this on was wrong. Quantity: Add To Cart.

Filed Under: Pedals Tagged With: clone, fuzz, guitar, overdrive. %���� >> Any idea why? There is a fascination when considering the assortment of pedals offered then and now. Oh yeah.

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