Magnus had used his memory to recreate some of the things lost during the destruction of Tizca's libraries. Not yet. He really talks about a completely new Legion with a new Geneseed, not dealing with the flaws of the Thousand Sons. He did nothing wrong yet his world was burned an his sons were butchered. The other Ur-Drake was crimson and it was missing an eye. I guess the Emperor overestimated Magnus' desire for redemption. The sensation of this change troubled and pained Magnus. What greeted Magnus at his destination was host of Custodians and Null Maidens. To find a way inside the palace, Magnus and Ahriman cast their spirits to the Warp. They were watch packs assigned to guard the Primarchs. Magnus decides to give in wholeheartedly to the traitors' cause and accepts his fate. Magnus agrees to continue Malcador's Regicide game against Alivia as he and Malcador discussed things. For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. Goes without saying; if you don't want the book to be spoiled don't read on. Unlike Ahriman that needed rituals to unlock the chains that fettered his soul to his body, Magnus lifted himself from his body with ease. In the end, Magnus and Ahriman stood victorious. Alivia was skilled in that regard as well. Malcador rose up and welcomed Magnus home. Alivia was escorted to meet Malcador. save. Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. Magnus was no longer a being of pure flesh. On the shards Malcador is definitely lying. Although Magnus kills him, it isn't his perma-death and Alivia Sureka apparently sacrifices her life and Perpetual abilities to bring him back. He said He tried to fix the flaws, the Selennar tried, Magnus tried, but everyone failed so it is better to start from a new blank page than keep trying fixing what cannot be fixed. He was always meant to sit on the Golden Throne, and that's exactly what he's about to do. Because he is no longer tied to the physical realm, the palace's psychic wards expel him and sons from the place. Edit 2: The other alternative is that Magnus is going to fulfill his purpose. However, the Telaethesic ward holds him back just the same as his Daemonic brothers. This is from early reads of the limited edition leather bound SoT books. They're, aha, perpetually neglected in the HH as a whole, and this is just easier in the long run. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Every single one of them, as they have been too tainted by Chaos. He has yet to fully given himself to the Ruinous Powers. Their battle in the Warp reflected into the material world as mortals on Terra had their waking dreams and nightmares filled with visions of fiery angels destroying hordes of daemons. Hence the need for the Sureka revive. She's that odd case of minor background character and disproportionately important to the franchise, given that absent this Malcador would be too dead to take the Golden Throne for the Emperor's very important date. Click to see spoiler. Jokes/Memes spoiler. Magnus and a small group of his sons disguise themselves as Blood Angels and after a few series of events manage to infiltrate the palace. Magnus as he is now is a being of light. Wasn't he a grade A bastard for most of his existence though? The shine of these two souls attracted the daemons swarming around Terra. The one who was the best of them. An eternity. It feels like the same thing is being done in Fury of Magnus. Kind of a lame way for sureka to go out, tbh. Magnus at this point was a dp for tzeentch already right? Within the chamber were three Space Wolf marines that wordlessly shared ideas how best to tear her apart. Seems like a fitting end for Magnus Heresy arc. That being said, it makes sense to expect Magnus to be willing to do almost anything to return to the fold, what with Horus engineering the Razing of Prospero and Magnus never really being a heartfelt traitor for much of the Heresy. The shard that Magnus believes to be the best part of him. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. Magnus infiltrates the palace for his shard with side hopes of redemption. hide. He can appear wonderous or mundane. Alivia looked back at the door and laughed. If the shard is just him and no different than him in any way then all that he had done.... Alivia completed the sentence "...was already a part of him". Magnus wants to believe it, but he doubts that after everything he's done, this option is right for him. Eh, she gets to save a life rather than to take one, which is a fitting summation both of her arc and the ultimate gap between her and the Emperor and Malcador. This is from early reads of the limited edition leather bound SoT books. It appears we're just getting another mess, where "revelations" is just a fancy new word for a retcon. Maybe the Emperor was offering Magnus leadership of the nascent Grey Knights, rather than a Legion of Primaris. Of course Magnus is horrified by this and can't bring himself to do it. It seems pretty interesting. Magnus went on to say that without the missing part him, he is becoming something more and also something less than what he was. Magnus grabbed Malcador by the throat and started yelling at him. Just got off reading a bunch of new 40k lore and the recent Sons of the Selenar. Adidemi despaired to see the green drake laid low but he would not allow it to die. The Thousand Sons should have the largest and least damaged Traitor fleet by the time Terra rolls around; it's odd no one thinks to ask where they are. Malcador is killed by Magnus but is revived by Alivia Sureka's perpetual ability but she dies in the process, permanently. Magnus refused to believe that. The two cosmic Ur-Drakes fought each other. I saw a page excerpt. A few people here are suggesting the new legion Big E was on about was either an entirely new legion separate from primaris or even the grey knights themselves. The sensation of this change troubled and pained Magnus. Back in the palace, Alivia Sureka regenerates and comes back to life as she is a perpetual. Fury of Magnus So, next book in the Siege of Terra is coming in the new year. Alivia guessed it was revenge. He can appear beautiful or monstrous. After adding these deaths to the mountain of his guilt, Magnus resolved to delve deeper into the heart of Terra and slay his father. 0 comments. Magnus and Ahriman fought as one against the daemonic swarms. Magnus asked is he not justified in pursuing such a motive? His missing soul shard. The big players here are Magnus, Ahriman, Malcador, Vulkan and Alivia Sureka (the perpetual who followed big E to Molech who is now on Terra). If Malcador is caught, the custodians will have to execute him. (At one point, Magnus drops his disguise to save some civilians from phosphex bombs when a section of the shields fail). It was just two figures sitting at table playing regicide . Magnus does not believe this and begins to mentally choke Malcador, trying to get information about the shard. They are not a thing or an idea at this point. It's not too late for Magnus. (Its not very clear here but it is implied that Malcador really dies here) Magnus decides not to retreat, but rather to go deeper into the palace to kill the Emperor. Experience the Fury of Magnus! All the evil that he committed was by his own will not because he was missing the good part of himself. Also in the event that the Primarchs turned traitor, it was their duty to execute them. All of the shards are equally Magnus. For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. No absolution. The daemons screamed piteously as they dissolved into nothingness. The crimson drake dragged the green one down. That's just a bit of a departure. He continued to strangle Malcador and demand that he tell him where the shard is. Also Also Magnus: NOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL SONS I WOULD NEVER HARM A HAIR ON THEIR HEADS. Hi all, Just a quick question. Need to read it to be sure, but overall the spoilers i've read for this elsewhere and here are largely in the ballpark of what i expected the book would be.

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