Hi There, The $1K cameras with 2cm lens can see a 1f-2f deg change. STM Discovery board, at 23.52 USD sold directly by STM, which It works fine with the Arduino and there is example code to get it going. I REALLY WISH that this dev kit had the same sensor as the E4 but no such luck. about 5 years ago by Member #201103 How powerful is something like this? Note: This kit comes in two separate parts and will need to be assembled once received. They sold their entire stock at $349 so apparently the price isn't so out of line. The FLiR Dev Kit includes a breakout as well as a Lepton® longwave infrared (LWIR) imager. Anyone have any experience with using both the FLiR and one of the LCD displays (e.g., LCD-13051) on a Raspberry Pi Model B (or B+)? But first… A bit of theory…. Hi, Also, because of its ability to produce an image without visible light, thermal imaging is ideal for night vision cameras. Is that really in spec for the AVR chip to provide power on that pin? Some times the camera or video capture will only output a red block in a corner, you have to physically pull the camera head out of the socket and plug it back in, about 5 years ago I think those devices work at around 7u wavelength, so Lepton might work if the dynamic range is large enough. 206 x 156 resolution, works great! Sorry for this level of questions. ;-). You might not damage it at 3.3V, but you will run into issues. This looks great! https://groupgets.com/campaigns/49-flir-lepton-thermal-imager-batch-4-and-breakout-board-add-on This would be a really cool device to use on a underwater rov, but I'm wondering if the water would absorb too much of the infrared radiation to be useful. by Member #518130 they aren't losing any money on E4s and they sure as heck aren't losing anything on the E8s ( if anyone is even still buying them). You also mention that a fix was forthcoming (time 2:48-3:20). about 2 years ago Electromagnetic spectrum with visible light highlighted. It isn't so much the manufacture of the sensor that costs the most money. A kickstarter type group buying campaign to buy these boards, you might want to consider since sparkfun is out of stock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHQr6F7757c It can do very simple things such as telling me the hottest parts of an image, which are almost always point of interest. but can send ~26 images pr. My only minor complaint is the price, but as I spent my own money to get this, I can't think it was too expensive. I only need to retrieve the temperature value every 15 seconds (to save into my PC's SQL database) that's all (the image is not important to me), but it seems like the codes do not cater to this simple thing. about 5 years ago Anyway, it's working now. Thank you for your continued support. That’s right, you could be building heat-seeking robots right in your own home! The example code I have posted on github would port over quickly. You can make your own rudimentary radiometry feature. Have you reached out to our technical support department @ techsupport@sparkfun.com - they're pretty good at helping resolve issues like these, though I know that to be able to get the FLIR lepton to represent true temperatures instead of relational temperatures you actually will have to get the algorithm from FLIR. So far I have not run into the the red square bug or any real issues other than two vertical lines on the picture on startup, but that is quickly fixed by running FFC while pointing the camera at a wall. (Not as important as having the FLiR camera and LCD.). Groundbreaking item for the DIY person, I am fighting the overwhelming urge to post a comment about it "looking for sada conna". The concept of a thermal overlay over a visor to aid with (motor)cycling at night would be (in)validated with such a spec The Flir One is $100 off now. So, it's been a number of months... Is the fix available now? It simply breaks up the image to limit the imager's exposure to photons in order to limit local heating that causes the bleeding effect you're talking about. Having just ordered one of these (see my other comments) a new question has occurred to me: The "mini LCD" displays also use an SPI interface.

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