4. Applications will only be accepted by the Home Office, and should no longer be sent directly to the police. (Note: Persons under the age of 18 years cannot make application for a firearms licence.) Renewals cost £84 and are valid for 6 years. Once you have submitted your application, the Home Office will review it and pass it to the local police force, who will then make enquiries before sending the application back to the Home Office. 20. The firearm and shotgun application and variation forms above were revised on 31 December 2017 to … Application guidance notes can be found at the end of form 201. Firearms Transfer Application Use this form for pistols and semiautomatic assault rifles. Requisite Application Form to be completed. All details relevant to the current firearm certificate, including the firearm, referees, G.P, land etc will be detailed on the renewal form. Form title Notes; RCMP 5592: Application for a Possession and Acquisition Licence Under the Firearms Act (for Individuals Aged 18 and Over) (PDF, 769 KB) Use this form if you do not already have a licence or if your licence has expired. Here you will find relevant information, application forms and guides that will assist you when inquiring about a firearm. Recordkeeping form . Email address for queries: hqcj.firearms@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk. Individuals may be approved for a second firearm licence two (2) years after being approved for the first. License processing may take up to 90 days. When a decision is made to grant the renewal by the Superintendent (or Chief Superintendent), the applicant will receive a Grant Notice Letter in the post (as is currently the case with a new application) and when paid will then receive his/her new three year certificate by post. Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs SAPS FIREARM RELATED APPLICATION FORMS----- WE ADVISE THAT MEMBERS ASCERTAIN THAT THEY HAVE ALL THEIR DOCUMENTS IN PLACE BEFORE THEY TRY AND SUBMIT APPLICATIONS----- APPLY NEW WHITE LICENCE AGAINST GREEN LICENCE. COVID-19 Advisory. Download: Application for Renewal of Licence in terms of the Previous Act (SAPS 517e) the person is not a fit and proper person to hold the approval, permit, or licence. Issued under the Firearms Act 1973 & Firearms Regulations 1974. 3. If a situation arises where a firearm certificate holder does not receive a pre populated Firearms Renewal Form (FCR) prior to the expiry of their current certificate, please immediately contact your local Garda Station. Read our tutorial or review our video (YouTube.com) for help getting started. Ministry of Public Infrastructure Brickdam Station © 2019 Guyana Police Force - Service and Protection. An applicant for a firearm certificate needs to demonstrate "good reason" for the weapons requested. SABS 953-2 Safe Regulations----- SAPS CRIME STATS. Application Instructions The Firearm User’s Licence Application form may be downloaded from the link below or collected at any of our offices across the island. 4. Email:pro@guyanapoliceforce.gy, Ministry of Home Affairs Traffic Headquarters  Ministry of the Presidency. Here you will find relevant information, application forms and guides that will assist you when inquiring about a firearm. The co-operation of all firearm certificate holders is essential in ensuring that firearm certificate renewals are properly managed and processed. The firearm owner can fill in the changes on the renewal form, if any, and when the form is signed it shall then be returned to the local Station for consideration by the relevant Superintendent (or Chief Superintendent if a restricted firearm application). For use by An Garda Siochana . Once completed, please post direct to the following address: Firearms Licensing Who is my local Crime Prevention Officer? To check the status of your non-resident firearms license or alien permit application, contact the Firearms Records Bureau directly at … From the 1st October until 31st December 2020 Nottinghamshire Firearms Licensing are only able to accept renewal applications. ALL Rights Reserved. 2. Important Information: Nottingamshire Police Firearms Licensing can no longer accept any applications for grant / renewal of firearm or shotgun certificates or grant / renewal applications of Registered Fireaarms Dealership without a medical verification form being completed by your GP. Persons who wish to submit application for joint firearm licence (first time) are requested to complete the ‘Individual’ application form and submit with the supporting documents and a covering letter indicating that it is a joint application. 1. Please complete the Form for Good Reason if you are applying for a Firearms Certificate. Please note that only the PRE POPULATED FCR form will be acceptable to An Garda Síochána when renewing a firearm certificate and each application for renewal must be accurately completed prior to returning the FCR to the Garda Station.

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