Yune's awakening also awakens the goddess of order Ashera.[7]. Summary: One of the best units in the game. Each game results in unique characters; level ups and stat bonuses change between playthroughs. It wasn't until Reyson's Galdr that restore his sanity. She decides that humankind is unworthy of survival and must be eradicated, and recruits the Begnion senate to this end. Altina and Lehran. [19] Despite this, other changes, such as those to the support system, were not as welcome, with GameSpot commenting that support conversations "have been reduced to mere battlefield chatter. In this period there existed magic that look as light magic such as Awakening's Book of Naga, but never referred as light magic. Eventually they become the Daein liberation army. Summary: Sadly she comes in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was the first time the developers had incorporated such a structure into a Fire Emblem game. As to whether you're willing to put the time in for him is up to you, but he will not disappoint if you do. Summary: Easily defeated when get her on and using bonus experience in order to catch up with the group in the beginning is a good idea. Class: Ranger (promotes to Vanguard)Skills: Aether. Though subverted, as it was later revealed that he was never Ashnard's orphan to begin with. It turns out that being the second-born prevented her from inheriting the power of Altina's husband, Lehran. Overall, an immensely powerful unit. Pelleas's mark is not a Brand denoting him as a laguz-beorc hybrid; rather, it is the mark of a Spirit Charmer, one who has let a spirit inside his body in exchange for power. Listed here are characters that debut as playable characters or have more significance in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. For no discernible reason, the game rules that if he dies in Part 1, it's Game Over on the spot. Naesala has lower strength, skill, and movement but higher speed and resistance. Summary: One of the best Paladins, but that's not saying much. Meanwhile, Begnion begins raiding Crimean villages for supplies, drawing Crimea into the conflict on the Laguz Alliance's side, and Empress Sanaki escapes the senate's clutches and joins the Alliance along with the faction of Begnion soldiers loyal to her. Also, I slightly prefer Naesala's skills. Consists of Goeffrey, Kieran, Makalov, Astrid, Danved, Marcia, and Calill. Pilgrim (when he appears as an NPC in chapter 1-3), towards his elder sister Almedha, and becomes her. Her stats are fine but you'll want to save your exp for the rest of Micaiah's team. Very few units can survive this fearsome attack. As you proceed to the later stages of the game, the level of your characters will increase. Their journey brings about several revelations about the world and the previous conflicts. Most of the Path of Radiance cast returns, including all of its playable characters (except Largo), as well as figures new to Tellius. A secondary support known as a "bond" is also available, which is active by default or obtained when two units have attained an "A" support level in Path of Radiance. Strengths: Comes in very powerful and can protect the weaker units of Micaiah's chapter. Apostle Sanaki's bodyguard and the Captain of the Holy Guard. Summary: One of the best members of the Greil mercenaries. Weaknesses: Under-levelled when she joins so she's inferior to your group. She ends up becoming a vessel for one of the goddesses. Strengths: He easily maxes strength and because he's a rogue, he has very good speed and skill. A priest living in the town of Kiska, not far from the capital Nevassa. Reyson also isnt very useful and the black knight doesnt count because you only get to use him for a couple levels. A group of Daein rebels named the Dawn Brigade, headed by Micaiah and Sothe, act as vigilantes to provide some measure of hope against the oppressors. He rarely speaks, and is only capable of talking in the ancient tongue. You have to make your army by picking up the characters. His shirt, on the other hand, seems to be roughly the same size.

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