In a briefing with EE Times, Rafael Sotomayor, senior vice president, GM at NXP Semiconductors, explained that UWB originally served as a technology for high data-rate communication and as such was in direct competition with WiFi. 3 in Space. FiRa touts UWB as being highly complementary to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, emphasizing three main applications for the technology: hands-free access control, location-based services, and … September 14th 2019, CNET – Apple built UWB into the iPhone 11. With 35 years in the electronics industry, he's had many different roles: from engineer to journalist, and from entrepreneur to startup mentor and government advisor. The move from data communication to secure sensing offers spatial context capability to a variety of applications, such as seamless access control, location-based services, and device-to-device services. FiRa will focus on UWB use cases utilizing the available 6-9GHz spectrum. One of the first members of the consortium, LitePoint, said UWB opens up new and complementary wireless connectivity use-cases. The company’s director or marketing, Adam Smith, said, ““We're excited to help establish an ecosystem in which companies can utilize these new technologies by providing a fully-integrated UWB test solution, making it simple to validate the performance of UWB devices. News the global electronics community can trust, The trusted news source for power-conscious design engineers, Supply chain news for the electronics industry, The can't-miss forum engineers and hobbyists, Product news that empowers design decisions, Design engineer' search engine for electronic components, The electronic components resource for engineers and purchasers, The design site for hardware software, and firmware engineers, Where makers and hobbyists share projects, The design site for electronics engineers and engineering managers, The learning center for future and novice engineers, The educational resource for the global engineering community, Where electronics engineers discover the latest toolsThe design site for hardware software, and firmware engineers, Brings you all the tools to tackle projects big and small - combining real-world components with online collaboration. Collaborate closely with other industry organizations such as IEEE, Wi-Fi Alliance, CCC and others. The sponsor members are The ASSA ABLOY Group, which includes HID Global, and NXP Semiconductors, Samsung Electronics, and Bosch; the first companies to join the newly formed FiRa organization are Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc., LitePoint and the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA). The new UWB ‘outperforms in terms of accuracy and security’. Academic and educational members are able to bring their academic knowledge and expertise to the FiRa Consortium, helping to ensure that we are leveraging some of the world’s best resources in the development of UWB technology. Tsingoal is the first to bring it's 0.1m precision locating system with high stability in China and has already installed more than 1200 systems in over 500 users. The UWB Alliance and the FiRa™ Consortium have established a joint liaison agreement to align their areas of focus and agree upon a way to work together on areas of common interest. The CEO Summit brings some of the top industry leaders from around the world, while the Distribution Summit provides insights into the unglamorous but absolutely critical business of maintaining global supply chains. To ensure interoperability between several devices, through compliance and certification programs. BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The FiRa TM Consortium, a catalyst for bringing leading innovators together to drive UWB expansion forward, today announced growth of … FiRa’s focus. UWB offers fine ranging and secure capabilities and operates in the available 6-9 GHz spectrum. “The FiRa Consortium’s commitment to a complete ecosystem means we will work with other consortia and industry players to develop approaches and define parameters,” said Charles Dachs, vice-chair of the FiRa Consortium and GM & VP secure embedded transactions, NXP Semiconductors. There was, interestingly, no mention of the UWB Alliance that was launched last year. Adopter members help to expand the UWB ecosystem by integrating UWB technology meeting agreed-to specifications into products. [2] UWB offers fine ranging and secure capabilities and operates in the available 6-9 GHz spectrum. In addition, the compliance WG is also working on a draft first document that is expected soon, according to Dachs.

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