“It has to have a huge nightlife component,” he says. Olvera’s team will eventually open the taqueria, Ditroit, when they can safely expand dining, but for now they’re excited to finally begin their journey in Los Angeles, a wild ride that’s already taken nearly two years. Der Geschmack ändert sich. Diese Person. Unsere Erinnerungen. There will be a cocktail program driven by a desire for sustainability and zero waste. We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. Ich weiß es nicht. Hours will run Tuesday to Saturday, 5 to 9 p.m. For more updates check below links and stay updated with News AKMI. At Ditroit, a back-alley taqueria adjacent to Damian, Olvera will also weave together multicultural influences. Aromen kündigen sich an. Olvera: Ich möchte kein fremdes Konzept übernehmen, das funktioniert, nur um mehr Geld zu bekommen. Next Tuesday should feel like a welcome-to-L.A. party for Olvera. Unser Modell ist anders. The spiny lobster with rice, beans, and flour tortilla; uni tostada; and Caesar’s salad all come from Baja indulgences. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Die Königin aller Soßen: die Mole Madre. Mole Madre mit Mole Nuevo – süß, scharf, bitter, das Gericht zergeht auf der Zunge. All Rights Reserved. There will also be a riff on Korean flavors in the form of a lamb-neck taco with mango. Sie haben das Restaurant Cosme in New York gegründet, bald folgt ein neues Restaurant in Los Angeles, nachdem Gourmetfans aus aller Welt bereits in Ihr Restaurant Pujol in Mexiko-Stadt pilgern. We see it as a good first step.”. We’re going to have a restaurant that’s from L.A. and made for L.A., not only with the design, but also with the music and the food.”. Dishes like pipian verde with mushrooms and albacore carnitas have a playful touch while still being grounded in Olvera’s thought-provoking modern Mexican cooking. Diese Magie! Countdown to Enrique’s next birthday. The more Mexican taco will feature cauliflower al pastor. “I think we’re at the point of being very happy with what we’re doing and most of our goals have been met. Unsere Prinzipien. Kennen Sie weitere Vorurteile? Ein Kochsoldat, der weiß, wie man ein Rezept zubereitet. The most highly anticipated restaurant opening in Los Angeles is here: Damian, the most recent effort by widely acclaimed Mexican chef Enrique Olvera and partner Daniela Soto-Innes. Chef Enrique Olvera’s much anticipated modern Mexican restaurant, Damian, opens on October 21 for dinner service after several years of development.Olvera’s team will eventually open the taqueria, Ditroit, when they can safely expand dining, but for now they’re excited to finally begin their journey in Los Angeles, a wild ride that’s already taken nearly two years. Mexico-based Grupo Olvera, and the US-based ATM Group, whose collection of restaurants includes Molino Pujol (CDMX), Cosme (NYC), Manta (Cabo San Lucas), Atla (NYC), and recently, Elio (Vegas), didn’t anticipate opening during a pandemic, though their combined success in various markets has given Olvera a certain level of comfort and self-awareness. Olvera says it’s too early to discuss specifics, but he knows Vegas would allow him to take things to another level. Melden Sie sich an und diskutieren Sie mit. He trained as a chef at The Culinary Institute of America. Es ist ein stetiger Austausch. Then came word of a takeaway taco window for lunch. Sein Restaurant "Pujol" zählt regelmäßig zu den "50 weltbesten Restaurants", die von einer internationalen Fachjury gekürt werden. Keine Diskriminierung! “We’re very excited to be in L.A. and we’re trying to start making connections with the local community. Ansonsten: Bloß nicht anfassen! “I think there’s an opportunity to do something in Las Vegas,” he says. Ich musste erst spüren, wie New York schmeckt! Enrique Olvera: Oh ja, sie ist immer scharf, das Essen fettig - und schwer. Worauf kommt es beim Kochen an? On Olvera’s inspiration from his Cabo restaurant, Manta: As previously reported, Olvera says his LA eatery will meld elements from Pujol (the garden vibes) and Cosme (an a la carte menu). We want people to come in with no preconceptions about Mexican food and just have a beautiful time and relax. Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. Und stärker. Im Interview räumt er mit Vorurteilen über die mexikanische Küche auf, preist die Vorzüge von Migration und erklärt, wieso er Donald Trump etwas auftischt. Kochen ist voneinander lernen. Wenn Sie eine Tomate berühren, seien sie so gut und machen sie sie besser. Genau genommen hat das nur eine Küche weltweit geschafft. The 44-year-old chef was born in Mexico City. “I really like the influence of Korean and Mexican food in L.A.,” Olvera says. New York is more about performance, whereas in California it’s more about enjoying yourself and quality of life. Chef Enrique Olvera’s much anticipated modern Mexican restaurant, Damian, opens on October 21 for dinner service after several years of development. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. Sie ist nicht Knoblauch. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Herr Olvera, hierzulande wird mexikanische Küche oft noch mit Mais und roten Bohnen gleichgesetzt. Olvera: Klar! There’s so much about L.A. that reminds him of Mexico City, where he runs fine-dining destination Pujol and tortilleria Molino el Pujol. We’re always like, eh, don’t worry about it.”. Olvera will get corn and beans from Mexico, while also showcasing California produce from L.A. farmers' markets. Olvera: Ich bin nicht nach New York gegangen, um etwa die mexikanische Mole eins zu eins zu kopieren. Meanwhile, he’s also thinking about how he might throw down in Las Vegas. Young Latino and Latinx chefs were stirring with excitement that evening over Olvera and his pair of forthcoming Art District restaurants that would be adding to LA’s already-rich Mexican food scene. Dem Chefkoch geht es darum, das Brauchtum zur Herstellung von Tortillas zu pflegen und zu kultivieren. Sondern um Reichtum an Freude. Mestizaje, Mestizierung. I have a good life, you know? If we’re going to Vegas, it’s because we’re going to party.”. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Ein Vorbehalt gegen Vermischung ist ja, dass dadurch die eigene kulturelle Identität verloren geht. Alles hat sich drastisch verändert. Kochen Sie eigentlich noch? In Los Angeles, he wants to continue being playful but also make it clear that he’s taking L.A.’s Mexican food scene “very seriously.” He also wants to make sure he gives L.A. the kind of tequila-fueled experience it craves.

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