Covering companions, specializations, and general hints and tips for the game, this guide is your one stop-shop for all things Dragon Age. A berserker has three objectives on the battlefield: to lose control, to allow his/her rage to empower him/ her, and to kill without fear. Whether they are raining arrows from a distant or slashing at enemies with their nifty daggers at immense speed, rogues will always make it look classy and professional. However, this immense power does come with a painful price; the reaver is to give up an enormous amount of his own life force to get a substantially large increase in physical strength. And it has the attributes for defensive and offensive all kind of abilities and can provide you the support in all matters during a fight. Specializations are sub-class choices that further define and customize characters in the Dragon Age series. These additional trees give access to powerful new abilities and bonuses that grant huge bonuses to combat effectiveness, healing ability, or open up entirely new types of attacks and spells. This build is very much focused on a single target to deal the highest amount of damage. In Dragon Age: Origins, specializations must be unlocked. They gain a +2 to magic and +3 to magic resistance upon entering the subclass. The more noticeable differences between Origins and Dragon Age 2 are of combat style and the character development systems. Once the operation is completed, three class specific trainers will arrive at Skyhold and offer the specialization quests and information about the specialization. Berserkers are risk-takers who go all out to do one thing: hit, hit and hit as much as they can, regardless of the circumstances and surroundings. Whatever class of character you play, you will need to equip your character with unique weapons and unique armor pieces if you want to survive any chance against your foes in Dragon Age 2. As the name implies, the warrior will wield a two-handed weapon (sword, hammer, maul) and with no shield. Hey what behavior do you set people, or do you just leave them as default? When choosing a specialization, characters receive a one-time stat boost, as well as access to a new talent tree. Gifted by the divine with immense super-natural powers, mages interact with the forces of magic to decimate foes. The immediate bonuses of becoming a Reaver are a +1 bonus to Constitution and a +5 to Physical Resistance. Saving the game before purchasing a tome, for example, will allow you to gain the new specialization, then reload your previous save to retain both the unlocked spec and the money you spent unlocking it. Berserkers sacrifice finesse and strategy to harness the raw power of their rage for increased damage. They receive a bonus of +1 to Constitution and +5 to Nature Resistance. Champions receive an immediate bonus of +2 to Willpower and +1 to Cunning. To become a Berserker, either increase your reputation with Oghren until he volunteers to teach you, or purchase the manual from Gorim in the Denerim Market Place. Reavers are at their optimum strength when closer to death and can turn the tables in a battle just when things seem to be getting out of hand. Templars are mage-killers. The book will cost you about 12 gold. Mages can throw out a healing spell here and there, but the Spirit Healers can keep your party alive and fighting like no other. To unlock the Spirit Healer specialization, purchase the manual from the Wonders of Theadas shop in Denerim for around 15 gold. Although warriors can be made into a variety of different builds, from a two-handed warrior causing havok to a protective sword and board warrior, their role in Dragon Age remains one of a front line combatant. Champions are warriors who rise to be leaders in combat. Though extremely corruptible, blood mages may not always be evil. Classes and specializations (Dragon Age II), Classes and specializations (Inquisition), The first weapon specific talent section is the Dual Weapon category. The use of the environment is their skill, and taking advantage of the enemy’s mistake is their hobby.

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