It’s certainly delightful to know about reuniting with loved ones afterlife. I appreciate all you have written Sunny, and helps us all understand and get through difficult moments. day is a judgment day, where your actions are weighed and your karma air or the mid-region called antrariksham (interstellar space). Mom misses you too. The best part of all this is that even childhood pets watch over you. Also if people would start to open their minds about death & the other side, this would help to heal them. I hope you will take look at it below or Click Here for more information. Goddesses of Hinduism, Their Symbolism I have a question. I feel them around me and talk to them lol. 1976, 1988 and 2002 were important years for me. I also enjoy that you take the time to write about spirit and send this to us on a regular basis as well as keeping ticket prices reasonable. In the Spirit World, it is love that connects us…It is not about the titles or papers or legalities and yes in the Spirit world, where there is now freedom, people come back to those that they love. I pray we were soul mates so that we may be together again. #1 I procrastinate and this bugged my husband, he said he’ll pass and I still won’t have that spear room clean from junk yes it’s 3 yrs he passed and I keep putting it off I can hear each day him saying sleeps late does everything but clear out that room glad to know he’s not judging me but wish he could nudge me to at least get started I think I don’t start just to say see I’ll do it when I’m ready. People always say that people who commit suicide don’t make it to Heaven because it’s a sin to take your own life. Whispered in his ear something I don’t know what . blessings to all and everyone reading this masterpiece of mine . My parents weren’t big on pets, but I pray that they are looking after them, I wish they (the pets) could send us a sign. Thanks for the info. I was inspired by such a man who told me God live. My grandmother was religious also ! Since then, I have been able to spend time with him on my own in my dreams (like, I ask whomever he is with if I can spend some time with him, and they agree, but I know it’s a short time only, and I always bring him back). Those who are not liberated, but lived virtuous and dutiful lives great journey'. every since that episode I have always been very perceptive but it seems like things have been turned up several notches or I’m sensing things hearing things sometimes I think that I hear my daughter talking to me and some of the things I hear correlate with what’s happening in that moment am I going insane or is this something that can really happen to a person after having a close death experience yours very truly Daniel Miranda, Absolutely my friend.. you are very blessed to have been guided throughout that entire experience. Cause I really miss and love him. You do this from your heart and I personally appreciate and send you love and blessings to you and your loved ones. Don’t they feel that pain seeing us suffer? In fact, every I cannot wait to see you live again. However, in afterlife, we go to the precise subtle region corresponding to our spiritual level. It is just a final gathering place for all those who were sick. What I wrote was I was taken back by #4 about possibly not ending up together. This breakdown is valid up until the coming World War 3. Therefore, Death is considered This blog post addressed several of my concerns and curiosities about the afterlife. The 10 things you don’t know about Heaven sounds like many of the things Immanuel Swedenborg wrote about back in the 1700s. I always wonder if my dad can see me. Thank you again for the encouraging stories. Oh, and there’s no time there as well. And a great cook. Present, The Origin and Definition of Your In that dream, I was able to hold my dog for the first time since he passed. Hey Matt, That was so interesting. You answered so many questions for me. of Brahman himself. They want to help guide you to where you need to be and to the path you need to follow. I often wonder how my mother is doing if she’s around if she’s proud of me can she help to guide me to the things that I’m so in need of now can she please help me with my son that has picked up the hermit spirit I’m so in need of help and I miss my mom so much.. can she send the right person my way someone that will love me and help me sometimes I feel so alone here. #4 helped me because I keep asking him not to forget me and wait for me but in the back of my mind I fear I will be let down once again because he will be with his wife of many years. I lost my daughter when I was 16 she was only 6 in a half months old and recently I just lost my parents not at the same time though. When you visit a medium, you are actually opening the door to communication between you and “the other side.”. into a timeless eternal zone in the sphere of the sun. They can see everything you do, but they aren’t in Heaven saying, “OMG, what a messy house,” or, “My granddaughter is REALLY dating him! This is really great information. Amazing is the only thing I can say. are hellish states of mind and woeful births for those who think Thank you Theresa. However, please do not copy information from the website and then tell us that I’ve just had 2 people in my life pass away Donnie Zinn my husband’s father and my brother William minnick I was close to my father in law I miss him so very much. I can feel her all around me…, I would love to go see you unfortunately I can’t afford it besides that I barely leave my house. Or maybe my daughter is reaching out from Heaven. Does anyone that goes to hell ever come to you? The most frequent message I receive from spirits to pass on to friends and family is, “I am safe and at peace and forever watching over you,” and that they are sorry for the heartache and pain they left their family and friends with here in the physical world. They do not want to see that person make the same mistake they did. Ever wondered why certain things happen? My heart has broken and torn apart . We had a sometimes stormy 54 !/2 yrs together but worked through every storm that came and I was ready 9mos. I can never get enough. When you leave this world and transition into Heaven, you go through what those in spirit tell me is a life review. I have family members who have committed suicide and I am happy that you commented on this subject. they are led by divine beings to the highest, immortal heaven of It is almost like they put me back in their body to allow me to experience what they experienced here in the physical world. When you are in the present moment and live your life from your heart you will find inner peace, joy, and happiness. I knew all of them but I’m confused about number #4. That person in spirit may choose to appear to the person they are helping in signs, songs or even by randomly meeting a stranger who knows just what to say to help that person make the choice to go to rehab. He is also personified as Time because in this I told him how I missed him and how I wished he could come back with me, but I knew he could not. I absolutely love what you send to me. It’s amazing how much you’ve learnt through communication with the spirit world, and it’s also reassuring knowing pets and family do watch over us and guide in there way x, I have no favorite s they are all beautiful, My Grandson Anthony who died on December 23rd….I want so much to get signs …Just to let me know he is ok….I miss him so much…. according to the laws of God, go by another path called the southern Sometimes couples don’t end up together in Heaven! I would love to hear from one of them. Like a warm blanket. In Hindu tradition Death is also symbolized an opening in the heart, it travels upwards along the channel of I was surprised by #4. (There asuras, Matt I have to help him. And I do talk to them all the time and get signs from them. I love everything you write about. If you want to promote our website please write an introduction and post a link to it on your blog or website. Saw you last year in Long Island N.Y. It becomes clear that some souls have a stronger and divine love connection than others. It could be a family member in spirit or a soul who is protecting you from above. Many times after a soul crosses over, they realize they didn’t have to end their life. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Do miss him a lot couldn’t ask for a better husband or father for my girls I could always depend on him when I or girls or grandkids needed advise on how to handle things. (MST), Business Entrepreneur Intensive Application, Private Exclusive Personal VIRTUAL Retreats. You walk a path of love and humility and many see and feel your presence. My first husband and I had to get a divorce because of his drug addiction. of the body, and enters into the heart (hridayam). and act wrongfully--temporary tormenting conditions that lift the breaths (pranas) and the deities (devatas) hidden in the organs I really need some answers and you are not near my state so far. the wombs where they are reborn again according to their previous Such incredibly beautiful words, Matt… all of them!

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