The Necron Fleet achieves FTL travel by a variety of means, such as Dolmen Gates and Inertialess Drive. Just thought, don't Tyranids have bio-weapons that is basically does same thing (acid or some variant of acid). just dead planets with little to no biomass. The only thing we know is that the Nids find the anti-warp devices... unsettling. Just as the stars gave birth to their children so the planets of the newborn galaxy eventually gave birth to lifeforms composed of matter which began the long evolutionary climb to self-awareness. This is why Tyranids aren't the big bad threat that they're made out to be. But this does not meant they do not attack Tomb Worlds. For example, I'm half convinced the Tomb World Morrigar was destroyed by Tyranids. Necrons want Souls. So yeah they probably still avoid them like a plague. But so far seems that it may not even be cannon anymore, and has no GW theories as to why if it is. They have been sitting there for millions upon millions of years. Also consider that Solemnace has an anti-warp system similar to the Cadian Pylons that probably had an affect on the Hivefleet (Fabius Bile: Clonelord). All the other Tomb Worlds should have plenty of biomass to make them worthwhile to the nids, unless their Necrons decided to go full on Maynarkh on them. Necrons vs Tyranids In between the Necrons who are slowly reawakening and the Tyraind hive fleets that are still marauding the galaxy Who do you think are most dangerous to … Tyrant Guard $70. @eisenfauste: Hey i can settle for necrons out doing the forerunners in WiH, i do believe it could still go either way but yeah. If they know they won't gain biomass from an invasion, they won't invade. The Necron fleet is a small but deadly force capable of destroying most ships very easily. Haruspex $75. I recall much wailing and gnashing of teeth from fans when the nids were defeated by what was supposed to be their own defining characteristic, their adaptability. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, By design they need to be faceless and free of personality to be effective in their role as the horror movie monster that just keeps coming and coming. [In space no one can hear you die] (, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the 41st millennium. This isn't exactly a new thing, but a recent post did make it clear that quite a few people have this misunderstanding. They were defeated by taking fire from a certain ammo type, adapting defences to it, then the tau changing ammo to repeatedly exploit the new adaptations. They don't have any civilisation or centres of production so they can only retreat temporarily and so are vulnerable to losing due to attrition if it would cost them more biomass than they stand to gain taking a planet. Stay 18" off both short edges and you get to shoot the hell out of his genestealers before they can do anything. why would tyrands provoke a fight? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the 41st millennium. I don't had a quote saying they can eat necrodermis but I don't see why they wouldn't. The World Engine The problem here should be obvious, but basically this statement in regards to a singular Tomb World is being used to say that Tyranids avoid all Tomb Worlds. But aren't lorewise the Tyranids creations of the 'exiled/fled' old ones and supposed to be a "re-set" of the milky way galaxy so the old ones one day can return? I personally don't find the tyranids boring but I see why some might. In fact, I could easily see new fluff which has Hive Fleet Kronos (anti-Chaos) actively seeking out tomb worlds to snatch up the blackstone(pylon material) there. If so is there any attempt at an explanation? Killing Cadia did wonders for the sense of danger in the setting and humanity can stand to take some losses I think to enhance the prestige of the xenos races and make them seem a real threat. As such it was both stated in this excerpt, and implied elsewhere that the tyranids avoid tomb worlds. When they win it is some unnamed planets being eaten or bringing a chapter to the brink of destruction (to swiftly recover almost immediately). I thought this was the deal the whole time. Therefore they didn't fight since neither had anything the other wanted. They po… They consume all mass; like the gasses in the atmosphere, and the minerals in the crust. Also Forerunners have trillions of sentinels. Yeah, there's definitely an element of practicality involved there. Genestealer Brood $36 x 2 = $72. Eventually there will only be Necrons, Chaos demons, Orks and Nids eternally brawling. But since Tyranids avoid necrons we would have to say that necrons win. Tyranids have no Souls. And B) a damaged warrior gets teleported back, repaired, and returned to the fight, they don’t get incorporated into the hive. They should (at least lorewise) be the counter to necrons, not the other way around? The first sentient beings of the Milky Way Galaxy known to have developed a civilisation technologically advanced enough to cross the stars was a reptilian race of beings called the Old Ones by the Aeldari, who knew them best. The source of this misconception that they avoid Tomb Worlds in general is from the 5th Edition Codex (note that this codex was released more than a year before the Necron 5th edition codex that overhauled the race's lore). For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. Why else would the inhabitants always get caught off guard whenever the Necrons awaken and suddenly rise up? Really, theoretically and faux scientifically, they should eat the planet itself crust and mantle but 40k science means they leave behind a barren rock floating through space. The Necrons use weaponry the Tyranids cannot adapt to, simply because its basicly a molecule breaking tractor beam (vacuum cleaner), the necron worlds as "usually" just dead planets with little to no biomass, the Tyranids cannot replenish their forces battling them. Actually a recent lore example of the Adeptus Mechanicus starving out the Tyranids by recycling robots disputes this statement. But it should be noted that there are plenty of instance where Necron Tombs have been compromised by Chaos, Eldar, and just the passage of time. As octarius is showing the orks are at least a match for them.

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