The attribution of magical properties to images has a long history. Some people might find it comforting to recognize characters, situations, plots, or behavior, but unless it also reveals some new aspect about life, culture, or craft, I find it dullDullDULL. Ambitious film goes beyond the engineering that a Proof is. Singularity of a work comes from a filmmaker’s ability, courage, and confidence to contribute their personality into their work, both consciously and subconsciously. Sometimes the frame or sequences are over packed and the audience has too much to process. This ability is demonstrated in long-distance shots through a telephoto lens as well as in close-ups. Does it need to have singular protagonist? Similarly our protagonist may experience many dull moments that don’t necessarily further the plot and have consciously been left out of the narrative. A filmmaker does not have to spell it out in its entirety but they also shouldn’t leave key elements within the realm of the unknown. There are so many films that have already been made, and made again, and then made yet again. The director can sometimes be seen as the quarterback – calling the plays and scoring…or not. Does the technique reinforce the content or vice a versa? Yet, for all of this, I rarely hear filmmakers remark about it. DEPTH OF CHARACTER / DEPTH OF CHARACTERS. 4. The director can sometimes be seen as the quarterback – calling the plays and scoring…or not. Ambition exposes the wonder in the every day, forbids us to take our situation for granted. Similarly, if all we learn of a character is what is needed to advance the plot, our imagination will never be free to roam. It is not a single colour but the cumulative effect that matters, not a single situation but a developing plot. Bunuel was such a master at this, for even in his straight narrative features, he would frequently hit below the depths of our daily existence and thus question the order of our world. Director. Get people talking – and they will begin to flock to the theater to see what all of the commotion is about. We even see this on a smaller scale with advertising. No less important to this illusion of ubiquity is the effect achieved by editing, which allows countless images representing a long, elaborate action to be presented in a comparatively short film or sequence, such as that exemplified by the opening of The Battle of Algiers. CONSIDERATION OF EFFECTS OF REPRESENTATION: To a watch a movie is a real choice, even if a lot of the audience might have made it on impulse. 26. One doesn’t need a budget to capture emotion or beauty. Tarrantino’s films overflow with enthusiasm for every aspect he is putting on screen, from the actors to the music; every second feels like a kid in a candy shop. In fact the lower budget work can afford to take more risks and it is often this experimentation that leads the way. REALITY OF ACTORS: NON-PERFORMANCE, NON-JUDGEMENT OF CHARACTERS: It’s a question of directing, and a question of non-directing, whether the actors are inhabiting their character or performing them. Is the movie more important than attracting or “satisfying” the audience? Equally of importance is whether the story itself is what one might call a good story. In terms of the filmmakers who create them, some films are challenges; some are proofs. Here is where the quality of the script can truly make the movie. Ambition embraces the edict to “make strange”, to unlock the oddness in normality. We are spoon fed linear narratives with dominant protagonists one after the other. Sometimes an audience can recognize a story or concept’s potential and see the distance from this and the actual execution. RESPECT FOR THE AUDIENCE: Film is a dialogue between the audience and the screen, and like an individual, film can talk down to its audience or ignore its audience’s needs. Thanks for this, Ted. It is a challenge to create work that is both surprising and inevitable. As a feature of the motion picture, movement is so obvious that its central importance is sometimes forgotten. Where is this trust in the concept initially established? The camera and the microphone, however, are thought to reproduce images and sounds without feeling. The early Godard films certainly have this, as do the films and videos of Michel Gondry – you know that both artists really like the ideas they are putting forth and that enthusiasm is contagious. Even still, it’s easier for American audiences to accept explosive content than it is to even consider radical form. These can be “additional value” on a disc, or be found on the Internet and extend the audience’s understanding of the film’s universe. Are we fascinated but what is portrayed on the screen? But the truth is that word of mouth marketing may be the best way to get people into theater seats – making the film a success after that will depend upon a few additional factors. A lot of genre-based filmmaking seeks us to know a character immediately and thus actors are often asked to project and let us know whether the character is good or bad, noble or selfish, to be trusted or doubted. There is a similar effect with color palate and fabric texture. It is too easy to just give the audience more of what they got last year. Oftentimes, this is referred to as “having an edge.” And this is especially important with films that do not start out with access to top name talent or a large budget. The qualities of intensity, intimacy, and ubiquity have been singled out as the salient characteristics of the motion-picture image. Does all of the content further the story or the themes of the film? 6. Hopefully it is also an investment of a great deal of thought, research, and collaboration. Let's try to create a list of 14 characteristics starting with features common to all/ most film noirs. 4) Aesthetic: Through the camera work, editing style, or design, certainly there is a way to make it fresh; 5) Subject matter: even when choosing to work within a specific genre, there is so much that still hasn’t been shown. David Bordwell touched upon the need for spaces in his great essay “Now Leaving From Platform 1” where he explores the hopes of expanding the narrative (and yes, okay, I am referenced therein). This is an absolutely valuable list to put up near one’s computer screen. Granted we can’t be expected to capture the nuance of any life in 90 minutes, but we can recognize that each life encompasses many worthy stories. Are such techniques breaking new ground? 22. When the director brings the passion for the project, dedicates the time needed to consider all decisions, has the knowledge of the subject, and a real appreciation for the depth of human emotion, one would think that their individual stamp would resonate all through out the film, but it takes something more: they need to have something to say – and it is not just the articulation for the film’s themes. The appeal of a luminous picture is attested by efforts of advertisers to achieve luminous effects in posters and displays. Does it move us emotionally? As a choice, each choice the filmmaker demonstrates carries real weight. Double Indemnity 1. In short, do we get it? These movies live at a peak emotional level and there is no ebb and flow to them. This association is well documented among many primitive peoples, and it is even reflected in the term magic lantern as a synonym for the film projector. We see the world through a fixed paradigm and only the visionary can show us a true alternative. Sure we have our favorite things, but generally what we initially respond to, are just a few of them initially – film can expose a greater part of ourselves, and filmmakers willing to do this, show the greatest respect for an audience. Is the film fully reliant on the dictates of its genre, or is it aiming for new ground? Copyright © 2010-2020 Chillopedia. As an indie filmmaker it is more than likely that you are the writer, director, photographer, editor and promoter of your work. You’d think it would shame others to just regurgitate what has already been done, particularly when there is such great original work to consider – but so many filmmakers keep on traveling down well beaten paths.

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