While you’re welcome to try starting your seeds in trays, it can be easier just to start them in containers. Do this on a still day to prevent the carrot smell alerting nearby carrot flies. There are many different styles of seed trays and many different ways vegetable gardeners start seeds, but here is one way I like to start seeds. However, this is the method that I used, and I’ll include a little more information on how to do this in the next section of the article. Sometimes carrots can run to seed (bolt) before they’ve had a chance to form their roots. Because the seeds are usually sown directly in the garden, carrots are not your typical vegetable transplants. The seed trays in the float bed. Starting Carrots. They started everything in those trays—tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon (which they say doesn’t like to stay in the water after the initial soaking), cantaloupe, even carrots! When will you need to transplant them? Really. Next, the full trays go in the float beds. How to Transplant Carrots. If you sow in modules the root will touch the bottom of the container long before you can plant out, so you get bent and twisted carrots about 2 inches long. One of the quickest and easiest ways to start vegetable seeds is by using a seed starting tray.You can start seeds for most, if not all of your vegetable garden by using a couple seed trays. Also, carrots and parsnips grow by sending down a taproot very early on which then swells into the crop that we eat. -Tiff R. … [Read more...] To start carrots in a root trainer, fill the trainer with soil or other potting medium and water it until moist. QUESTION: Can you start carrots in seed trays? That’s it. This can, however, dislodge the roots of neighboring seedlings, so alternatively you can use scissors to snip off the foliage instead.

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