NEXT: Batman: 5 Marvel Heroes He Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't). As impressive as it sounds, the presence of so much metal ensures that Magneto will easily be able to pluck him from the sky and squash Falcon in the embrace of his own wings if he needed to. This list is going to look at how well Magneto would do against the heroes of the DC Universe. Cyborg is a man made of metal. So it might be important to know which Superman and Magneto we're dealing with here before we say who would kick the other's butt. Both heroes equally matched in strength, Thor has a slight advantage in his powers being magically based, as well as carrying a pretty badass weapon. RELATED: 5 Reasons Why DC’s Nth Metal Is More Powerful Than Adamantium (& 5 Why It Isn’t). ", he's gifted with the powers of the Gods and becomes the hero called Shazam. He couldn't figure out a way to beat him. He has rarely shown that level of aptitude, however. A reason Spider-Man would defeat Kal is his agility. The one problem, when facing Magneto, though, is his left arm. As a result, his advantage is weak against the Man of Steel. He has a magical hammer, to put it in very simple terms, that lends more weight to his powers. Charismatic and powerful, Magneto has been known to defeat many enemies including Sentinels and Wolverine. Do Martians have iron in their blood? Diana of Themyscira is Wonder Woman, one of the greatest heroes ever known. RELATED: 10 Reasons Why The Sentry Is Marvel’s Most Terrifyingly Powerful Hero. Of course, there's been movies, TV shows, many different comic book versions, etc. After a horrific accident, Victor Stone was bonded with a Mother Box by his father and became the superhero Cyborg. What of the villains of the X-Men though? A battle with the Man of Steel would see the Surfer quite unfazed by Superman’s physical attacks, as his punches and heat vision would be deflected by the Surfer’s trademark outer coating. Yes. In a battle with Superman, Danvers can use her military training to her advantage, luring the Man of Steel into a situation where she can blast him with red sun radiation, effectively robbing him of his powers and securing her the victory. If Superman can kill, Magneto doesn't stand a chance. While it was the Professor Hulk iteration, his strength wasn't that far off from the Juggernaut. CAN MAGNETO BEAT SUPERMAN? Even though Wolverine has the ability to heal and recover from fatal wounds, it is nonetheless extremely painful for him to go through. X-Men's Magneto is known to be destructive when it comes to anything metal, giving him the advantage against these 10 powerful Marvel characters. Particularly if he had some aragonite radiation -- Hyperion's weakness. Unless Supes is wearing a Magneto-style helmet to block Xavier’s telepathy, he’d be braiding Wolverine’s hair on the Xavier School’s lawn faster than a speeding bullet! Superman is known throughout DC Comics as the ultimate hero. She is, after all, only human. When you factor in Thor’s centuries of experience being a warrior, a Kryptonian victory in their bout seems unlikely. 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In terms of power levels and invulnerability, the Sentry far exceeds Superman, as the modern version of the character is not as powerful as his Silver Age counterpart and is susceptible to things like kryptonite and magic. Battle. Magneto is the greatest villain of all time! lol... well at least you admitted it mag's :), However if you took Magnetos powers to the extreme which they don't do in comic books he may have a chance. The Caped Crusader is the best strategist in the DC Universe. How does he propel himself in the air because, if he does fly with anti-gravity, this can Magneto's chance of distrupting Superman's fight. Despite being the best archer in Avengers, with the ability to precisely hit the target even when moving about, the fact is that Hawkeye is quite dependant on his bow and arrows. Post Crisis. This list is going to look at how well Magneto would do against the heroes of the DC Universe. Post Crisis. Look at his history. Without even a small amount of this crucial substance and facing Superman in any other suit, Iron Man would be soundly defeated by Superman’s superior strength, speed and heat vision. 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She needs guns and knives, darts, to subdue her foes, or use her incredible skills in hand-to-hand combat to emerge victorious. save hide report. The Sentry is essentially Marvel’s version of Superman, a supremely over-powered superhero in a cape who’s usually the deciding factor in a battle where the heroes are sorely overmatched. The combination of Magneto and Professor X provided the X-Men universe with one of the most powerful villains yet. Updated on May 21st, 2020 by Richard Keller: Superman has had his share of battles with Marvel superheroes over the years. Superman with out a doubt. Even if that part was overlooked, if it were to be assumed that he had an endless supply of arrows, it won’t make much of a difference if he’s fighting Magneto.

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