The Netgear AC750 was highly rated and fit our need. Please try again. It works great. Very happy with it! Definitely worth getting if you have a big household with 8 people in your home. As soon as I set up this extended, it was incredibly better. One in my son's room, one in the master bedroom, helps the internet work fabulously around the house. The EX3700 came highly recommended and I see why. Great value. This product is not user friendly or access to the website for advice and support. I now have extended my wifi to the whole house. Very easy to manage using a browser. It was easy to set up, has a strong signal, and does exactly what I needed it to. It shows either yellow or red 75% of the time. Reduces buffering when streaming by 99 percent. I like that it doesn’t block both plugs. The wifi security protocols are dated but the unit works as it should. Works great even through concrete. Solved a significant problem I had with streaming television programs because router signal was blocked by duct. Would recommend. Obviously, this isn’t the most high end piece of equipment to buy, but it is very versatile and works well. Now I added a Ethernet box to the extender and I became astonished at the consistency of my reception inside and outside of my home ! Brings WiFi from my main house to my guest house with no issues that a simple power cycle couldn’t fix, It’s very good when certain hours of the day but at some point there’s no connection but do recommend. in the barn. and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (up to 750Mbps Speed), … Well the guy I was talking to from this site told me that my firewall was breached, tried to sell me their anti virus at $299.99 I told him I couldn't that I was broke at the moment, his reply was "Mam you need to talk with your bank" Finally got him to believe that I was going to buy his product 3 days from that day. From ‘Your Orders’, click on ‘Get Product Support’ or give us a call at 1-800-362-5703. It was easy setup and now our signal is fast and clear on each of the 2.4 and 5 GHz in ALL rooms. The Wifi extender works but often the Wifi Extender randomly stops connecting to the Router, forcing me to replug the extender to provide better internet again. Works right out the box. improved signal and speed in lower level of the house, Does exactly what I wanted it to do and work well with the NetGear Router (Nighthawk I bought. {{ if(p.available){ }} Well it does extend your Wi-Fi. Having issues, to be determined if a worthwhile buy or not. Anyway I hope that the experience I had with this scammer keeps anyone else from losing $$ or their computer, use the number on the box, don't use the number that may pop up next to the site info. Works like a champ. I wanted to use my Apple TV so we’d have lots of options but my router’s signal didn’t reach. One of a kind. Very satisfied! I was irritated and then finally one day it just connected. I now have complete WIFI coverage in my home. Has really helped to get the signal to the other side of the house. Manufacturers, I bought this product because in my house the router is on the other side of my house than my PS4. We aim to show you accurate product information.