92 ft. Top Load... - By Gerianne; Whirlpool WRS312SNHM 33-inch Wide Side-by-Side Ref... - By Melesa; Toshiba EC042A5C-SS 1.5 Cu. 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme 4½ cups (1.2 liter) beef stock. To cube, cut 1 inch (2.5cm) slices, then stack them on top of one another and slice 1⁄8 inch (3mm) thick in the opposite direction. The foods may have already been cooked. 6 BREVILLE RE COM MENDS S AFET Y FIRST BREVILLE A SSIST™ PL UG Y our Bre ville applianc e comes with a unique Assist™ Pl ug , con venient ly designed with a finger hole in th e power plug f or easy and saf e remo val fr om the wall o utlet. 83 RECE TTES POULET A U CHILI A VEC NOUILLES DE SINGAPOUR 4 - 6 p or t ions INGRÉDIENTS 6 cuisses de poulet 1½ tasse (375ml) de sa uce chili douce 1 cuillerée à so upe (15ml) d’huile végétale . Keep the appliance clear of walls, curtains and other heat or steam sensitive materials. Ils diffèrent par la quantité d'information qui peuvent être trouvées sur le dispositif: par exemple Breville THE HOT WOK BEW600XL. Cop yright Breville Pty . – any latin characters (a-z, A-Z)– any numbers (0-9)– special characters ("-", "_" and ". Do not place hot lid under cold water or on cold surfaces. 4 cups (1 liter) chicken stock ½lb (225g) fresh egg noodles, 24 prepared won tons (available refrigerated or frozen from the supermarket). •Do not place the appliance on any surface that may be affected by heat. 19 COOKING TE CHNIQUES It is rec ommended during s low cooking to plac e the Glass Lid on to r etain heat. Ein wichtiger Punkt beim Kauf des Geräts Breville BEW600XL (oder sogar vor seinem Kauf) ist das durchlesen seiner Bedienungsanleitung. •Remove each batch when cooked and allow the Wok to reheat before stirfrying the next batch. 34 RECIPE S SINGAPORE HOKKIEN NOODLES Ma ke s 4 ser v i ngs INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons (30ml) pe anut oil 1 teas poon crushed garlic ½ teas poon dried chili pepper 2 eggs, light ly beaten 1 tablespoon. For best results allow the Hot Wok™ to preheat for 10 minutes on the ‘High Sear’ setting before beginning to cook. Drain off thin marinades from meat strips before, Peanut oil is traditionally used for Asian style, Do not overfill the Wok. Voici quelques conseils sur comment et pourquoi vous devez recueillir les manuels d’utilisation. Food does not stick and cleaning is easier. Rinse and thoroughly dry. Insert the Temperature Control Probe into the Probe Socket at the side of the Wok. 3.Add the beef stock and brown sugar, bring the soup to a boil. Stir-fry vegetables after sealing the meat in a little oil (or sprinkling of water) until vivid in color for: Onion, quartered Broccoli, flowerets Carrots, sliced, Bell peppers, sliced Zucchinis, sliced Water chestnuts Bamboo shoots, Chili pepper, minced Ginger, minced Shallots, chopped Bean sprouts. C ONGRA TULA TIONS on the p urcha se of y our n ew Bre ville H ot W ok™ BEW600XL_IB_A10.indd 2 24/06/10 1:28 PM. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. •This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. 76 RECE TTES CROQUETTE S DE POISSON THAILANDAISE S 4 por t ions INGRÉDIENTS 1lb (225g) de filets de poisson blan c sans arêtes (de préf érence de la m orue ou du flétan) ½ bouquet de corian dr. 77 RECE TTES SALADE DE CREVE TTES THAÏLANDAISE S ET M ANGUES 4 - 6 p or t ions INGRÉDIENTS 2¼lb s (1 k g) de cr e ve t te s moy en ne s pe lé es et dé v ei né es 3 cu i l ler ée s à soup e (45. •Do not use harsh abrasives, caustic cleaners or oven cleaners when cleaning the appliance. •Stir-fry meat strips for 1 - 2 minutes. Remove each batch when cooked and allow the Wok to reheat before stirfrying the next batch. Breville BEW600XL | File type: PDF | Filename: Samsung WA50R5200AW/US WA5200 5.0 cu. Take care when the glass lid is hot. Une fois par an, il suffit de nettoyer le tiroir et jeter des manuels pour les appareils que vous n’utilisez plus. •Cook for approx 1½ - 2 hours, stirring occasionally with the lid on. Ne l’utilis ez pas à l'e xtérieur ou dan s un véhicule o u un bateau en mouv ement. 47 T ABLE DES MA TIÈRES 48 Bre ville vous r ecommande l a sécurité a vant to ut 51 F aites la connai ssance de v otre Hot W ok MC de Bre ville 54 Le fon ctionnement de v otre Hot W ok MC de Bre ville 58 Entretien et netto yage 62 T echniques de cuisson 68 Ingrédients spéci aux 72 Recettes 90 Garantie limitée d'un an BEW600XL_IB_A10.

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