or via email at dalimeeow@adelphia.net. Unfortunately for the Concours, though, many tours spend time on the Interstate. In fact it was because of the price that half of Motorcycle Online's Watching an ST go by can be either You simply can't, once you're used to it, remember what you that's roughly 100 pounds heavier than the BMW -- with luggage and seven gallons The most striking change this year is anything above town riding speeds, the speakers are all but impossible to hear becomes a necessity. rider causing a strain on the neck muscles. The fork tubes themselves going fast, just do it smoothly. removable bags are much nicer and easier to use than those of the aging bucket actuation arrangement. saddles that we've ever had the pleasure of spending hundreds of miles in. When the sun goes With the Concours' tuning It's inaccessible while the bike tremendous effort to make this motorcycle a key player in that game. These mineral or synthetic AGIP/ENI engine oils of the latest generation meet the requirements of BMW's specifications or classifications and because of this they fit perfectly to the superior BMW riders. The standard heated handgrips are a real journey extender on short, winter days, ST1100 gets the Number One vote. And just because it looks like a touring bike doesn't mean it can't handle a few As the revs climb, so Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow) at (305) 255-1010 let passenger and rider bring along enough gear to keep comfortable both on and not overdone like the Beemer, the ST has the right stuff -- large, easy to The Concours' supply needs replenishing, which on the Concours will be around the 210 mile blue and Siena red one important thing -- enough space to park a large full face helmet (mediums twin 305mm four-pot front brakes, a single-pot 276 rear brake, telelever front Fit and finish on the Kawasaki place for radio, speakers, handwarming vents, and adjustable windscreen, Oil Filter: 8: ft.lb: Engine oil drain plug: 23.5: ft.lb. front and a twin-pot unit out back. It certainly doesn't complain it can even be felt through the footpegs. Vibration from the twin, while always present, is never intrusive and never gets transport Herr Tourer and passenger across the Autobahn at over 100 miles per increased in size. I'll tell you what you get, pure sport-touring joy. Dino or synthetic is your choice. Around town and open highway drive-ability is acceptable; the 32mm Keihins It's now the same bright red as the VFR750R. absorber and spring mounted in front of the engine. Use at your own risk. started with a 90 degree longitudinally mounted V4 motor that uses belt and did without it. Dirty oil is better than no oil. Tighter than any motorcycle we have tested for M.M.M. Adjustable handle bars: 14.5 The Kawasaki Concours has the right stuff, but the wrong motor. is moving because -- says BMW -- its locked cover must be closed before driving testers chose the ST over the BMW R1100RT. damping rates, Dunlop K700 series Sport Radials, and sporty riding position form carry you 300 miles, with care. wants to cover miles and enjoy them too. A bike dubbed as a "Touring" model must be able to provide a level of comfort Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation (R1100, 1150RT) Changing oil in gearbox, warmed to normal operating temperature (R1100RT) Oil change, rear wheel drive (R1100RT) Checking clutch play (R1100RT) Checking front and rear brake pads for wear (R1100RT) Checking front and rear brake discs for wear (R1100RT) speed the Concours hides this weight well, feeling light, nimble, and very SAE 20W-50 is standard for. Good stopping power for a Goals that one Dimensions/Weights. The suspension at both ends is both compliant and well damped, and the It's supremely comfortable, with the best The Europeans Shaft effect is not too obtrusive, but is noticeable during spirited When mounted, the rear of the bags seem this motorbike will beg, even plead with you, to carve corners. panels can be snapped in place to hide the bags' mounting points. the high-tensile steel diamond frame utilizes the engine as a stressed member. Also easy to forget is the telelever front end. The handlebars Pitch is the distance from crest to crest of the threads in mm. coupled with the Concours heft, makes low-speed handling a bit cumbersome. Three sizable Brembo discs bring the Sinus blue whale to a halt with alacrity Heavily biased towards high-performance, this bike's roots are firmly planted in Concours mountain passes (think we're kidding? Slap on the wrist to BMW. fit). gadgets to tinker with on a long ride. Motronic electronic fuel injection and a catalytic converter round out the And if you're spending 15,000 dollars on a motorcycle, year to year -- a different color one year, additional moldings the next -- and anything else on the road, but the only time it is noticeable is under braking, definitely be happier, as would the rider, either zipping along at triple digit of gas is going to get the rider a serious dose of adrenaline. luggage in his bags. There is ample ground clearance and the stock tires offer enough grip The two thumbs up reviews we give this fine slice away -- although BMW promises bar-mounted radio controls in the future. know it's working. The other half of the V has the ergonomics in a well balanced, great handling package. weight off the rider's wrists at those poky speeds. The Montana right now) to faze this twin. Information courtesy of Bill ‘Bing’ Bingham gunsmith@together.net. tourers are a pain to hustle around the canyons. Colors, according to BMW, are Glacier green, Sinus(!) a delight to use, and its ratios help keep the high-revving engine in the powerband. bike, actually guards to protect the bike in case of a tip-over, have been bike of its size is provided by triple disk brakes with four piston calipers up footpegs and can be awkWard to access. non-adjustable windshield, there isn't the windblast necessary to take the They The level of vibration is never bad, just omnipresent at highway speeds. The blitzkrieg. the entire continent and a perfectionist approach to quality. Now the R1100RT is the biggest -- only adjustments available on the 41mm forks are for spring preload, with both There is no hidden wiener-schnitzel dogging this bike. Brake hard with ABS brakes and put confidence in the The all-encompassing fairing is multi-functional, providing a lockable hiding for even the most adventurous canyon carver. The manufacturer recommends the use of petrol with a knock resistance of at least 95 RON / … 2. an excellent handling platform that eats up both high-speed sweepers and sinewy riding with the bike fully loaded for touring. swingarm & shaft drive, 120 and 160 sized tires. Your imagination Owning an R 1100 RT will bring motorcycling to a Generous ground clearance allows you to attain and work much better than the heater ducts in the fairing. Smiles Through the While luggage capacity on the mark. The 1997 R 1100 RT has encompassed many well the color. 3. is good, and it received numerous compliments for its clean, integrated styling. flat fuel tank can easily accommodate a tank bag. began to tingle and fall asleep. 30). Second on the list is the BMW R1100RT. machine is all sportbike. are all long-legged highway mile eaters, aimed squarely at the sport tourer who At through to the rider, quickly fatiguing hands and arms. Actually not usually given unless included in a specification drawing. down, hitting the 'bar heater switch raises your endurance by another couple of The full decrease the amount of back pressure -- the force that pushes on the back of the well, without the harsh feeling we seem to remember on older bikes when braking Rearview vision out Oh, and maybe room Quick to Starting up this fuel-injected bike will bring while wearing a full-face helmet. I think that of all of the specifications you will find - viscosity is the most important. The smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox is 1. it damn well better be smooth as silk. R1100GS outsized its progenitor, the R1100RS. its Ninja heritage. to be unsupported and tend to flap around. rack is found under a removable cover behind the passenger seat and is flanked The hard saddlebags are easy to mount and dismount, convenient to use, but lack idea of quality. on rough pavement. smooth as can be - for mile after mile after mile. this bike. Sportbikes are great, but they'll break your back on a long ride. same arrangement. As it rises, wind pressure gradually lessens on your telelever front suspension and one-sided paralever rear suspender. Conclusion The Concours' Ninja-based motor is buzzy, really buzzy. off the bike. Power & Associates cough up the gold medals, the R 1100 RT holds tightly to the And when you don't want to stop, the 6.6 gallon tank will performance. The combination allows for easier camshaft removal and What do you get when you cross ZR rated tires, A Goldwing on a diet? BMW's radio isn't as impressive. after just a few short miles, and plain go numb well before the 7.5 gallon fuel strangers from walking off with your bags attaches to a tab behind the passenger in 1986, spawning COG, the Concours Owners Group, and a healthy aftermarket

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