I’ve seen river otters catching and tearing apart cutthroat trout, Clark’s nutcrackers raiding camp sites, a badger trotting through sagebrush, a bighorn ewe giving birth to a lamb on the side of a cliff. In Alaska, you can see not only brown bears but also black bears. The area is between Mammoth and the entrance. (Photo by … In the winter, many enthusiasts enjoy watching wolves in the Lamar Valley (the northern road is the only one maintained in snowy conditions). It can run at speeds up to 55 km/h. Every bit of what you stated I found to be true and what we experienced as first time visitors to the park. You can certainly look for bears while in the backcountry or while hiking Mt. Camping holidays in Yellowstone are fantastic for bringing you closer to nature. Get your teeth into our Yellowstone travel guide, with advice from the experts. The main roads of the huge park basically make a Figure 8. A unique black bear subspecies reside in the area are known as blue or glacier bears (Ursus americanus emmonsii). Grizzly bears are most commonly observed in Lamar Valley, Swan Lake Flats, Gardiners Hole, Dunraven Pass, Hayden Valley, and in the wet meadows along the East Entrance Road from Fishing Bridge to the East Entrance of the park. The Best Time to see Wildlife in Yellowstone. Grizzly bears can run up or downhill, swim, and even climb trees. In the park, there are lots of rules on how to behave if you meet a bear. At high elevations, the quaking aspens put on a brilliant display of fall colors. I won’t guarantee you a sighting. My mid-June, all of the campgrounds follow suit. For many first-time Yellowstone National Park visitors, the chance to see a wild wolf, black bear or grizzly is at the top of the wish list. The best time to see bears in Yellowstone is during spring as they emerge from hibernation, or autumn as they fatten up for winter. There are five entrances to Yellowstone (North, North-East, East, South, and West) but only the North entrance (Mammoth) is open in the winter. The best companies already know where and when to be looking for certain species. Berkeley, CA /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. As a bonus, the elk are bugling. Where to see bears in Yellowstone. Here are the answers to the difference between a grizzly and black bear, the odds of seeing a bear in the park, and if you should be afraid of bears. When I arrived, an onlooker allowed me to look through his scope to view a pack of wolves feasting on a dead buffalo. That’s the easiest way to spot wildlife in the park. !” This will not help you see wolves. By late October, snow begins falling at higher elevations and bears begin to descend to the lower meadows. If you’re staying at a park campground or one of the Yellowstone Airbnbs in the area, you might have an elk or buffalo roam right through your yard! The greater Yellowstone ecosystem and north-west Montana are the only places where large populations of grizzly bears can be found. Neotropical migrants like bluebirds, meadowlarks, osprey, and robins are the first to arrive. No predator passes up easy meat. Mary. Yellowstone National Park is a true natural wonderland. The sheep are definitely farther away in Yellowstone than in Denali or Badlands, but still possible to see! More from Matthew. Excellent article that makes want to get back there. One of the most high-traffic areas for bison is between Canyon Village and Fishing Bridge (see link to map above.). The best time to see bears in Yellowstone is during spring as they emerge from hibernation, or autumn as they fatten up for winter. We live in WV. Take a look at this wildlife map for a cheat sheet. You can also check on dedicated forums, like the excellent Yellowstone Net, for current hotspots and the latest news from wildlife watchers. You will find yourself staring at a lot of stumps. A grizzly bear in Yellowstone on the hillside near Mt. Grand Teton is basically next door.

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