In my video, it’s clear I’m rowing with my hand placed just behind the plate. You can further challenge the top lockout by adding accommodating banded resistance to the barbell and securing it under your feet as you squat. In contrast front facing variations (variation #3) shown by the NFL athletes targets more of the upper back, middle lower traps, and rhomboids as the weight is moving in a slight arching path anteriorly as you move into the contracted position. The landmine can also be combined with the trap bar to produce some incredibly effective and unique variations. These are just as versatile as barbell Zercher variations as I demonstrate 5 movements alongside 2 of my awesome clients Leslie Petch and Ben Lai as we highlight Zercher squats, lunges, hinges, and single leg variations. Even if you don’t have access to the Purmotion landmine attachment, we can easily combine these variations. The Yes4All T-Bar Landmine is great for saving space and has a simplistic design for versatile wo... HemeraPhit 360 Degree Rotation Barbell T-Bar Row Plate Post Landmine for 2-inch Olympic Bars, Yes4All Viking Press Attachment for 2-Inch Olympic Barbell – 3 Hand Grip Positions for Increased Versatility, Clothink Barbell T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine, 360° Swivel Fits 2'' for Olympic Bars, Gym Equipment for Landmine Attachment, SevnElk Barbell Handle Angled T Bar Row Landmine Attachment, Fits 1 and 2 Inches Olympic Bars - Gym Equipment - Home or Small Spaces - T Bar Row Platform for Deadlift Squat Tricep Exercises, Battle Rope with Foldable Poster and Anchor KIT. That’s because the angular force vectors associated with the landmine station provide a fantastic blend of horizontal and vertical force vectors that allow us to easily load the hips without putting undue strain on the spine. We are always backed-up with various online sources, where you can verify our authenticity. Best Landmine Bases. The double arm overhead presses and chest presses involve moderate levels of mediolateral instability. When you examine the overhead press one could make an argument that the most natural path is to have a wider hand position at the bottom and a closer hand position at the top. As an added bonus, the levels of constant tension on the upper body are quite high due to the slow and controlled mechanics as well as the constant muscle squeeze from adducting the arms (similar to a squeeze press or isometric chest fly). One such variation is the Landmine Kayak Squat as demonstrated here by my awesome client Todd Weiland. The lateral rows shown by Leslie and I represent some of the most natural and easy methods I’ve ever used for overloading the back on single arm bent over rows. Vulken Tricep Rope Cable Attachment. 4. In fact, the rotational nature of the landmine makes these even more sensitive to deviations in form and mechanics. A2ZCARE T-Bar Row Plate Landmine is a simplistic and space saving option for home gym owners that... Yes4All Deluxe T - Bar Row Platform - Full 360° Swivel & Easy to Install - Fits 1" Standard and 2” Olympic Bars - Great for Home Gym. This is a bit of a complex topic but its something I cover in a lot more depth in my book Movement Redefined. Start light or use empty bar as to execute effectively. Lastly you’ll notice I often incorporate eccentric isometrics on power moves as shown here with the RDL. That’s because the landmine station produces a slight angular and horizontal movement allowing the lifter to press out slightly in front of them rather than directly overhead. Looking for a unique way to spice up your chest training? While using a landmine attachment … Blasts the shoulders, triceps, glutes, chest, upper back, & core, especially when performed using a controlled eccentric both on the pre-launch with the hips as well as the upper body eccentric overhead press. The bird dog variation also represents one of the simple ways to overload this combination core and back exercise due to the plate fitting so naturally to the sides of the bench. This particular incline row using the landmine station as demonstrated by my awesome client Elizabeth Yates helps reinforce these cues. Similar to any landmine variation this can be performed as a single or double arm version. These are known for torching the upper back and postural muscles due the extremely wide grip. This also does wonders for eliminating spinal flexion as it’s nearly impossible to allow the back to round when using the dual underhand grip. We have listed the top-rated linebacker landmine attachment trending in 2020. This is simply indicative of the natural scapulohumeral rhythm that occurs in the glenohumeral joint during most pressing motions. This lets … Comes With Cones, Drill Chart & Bag. 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