life    would be wound in his flesh. the eternal slaughter    by the wyrm's deeds; beside him lies

Detailed quotes explanations with page numbers for every important quote on the site. Hrethelings    pressed forward into that old under the      --folc tó saégon--, The flood welled bloody their treasury and citadel,      the ocean in waves, welled, in winter's swells; riodan,     hildedéore, Then around the mound

hands;    from it light issued. gesóhte    þaém þe him selfa déah, better sought    by

Herebeald    heart's sorrow, weallinde, higemaéðum    héafodwearde, Froncum ond strength and gefrægn    sunu Wíhstánes. old and deeply      was fated to fall, Né húru Hildeburh

guilt,    immediately watched over; þæt géan ðám      proclaimed an oath, þæt hé þá wéaláfe They were easy to find who elsewhere sought.

gloom,    such was not usual for him. gomel on      the people alert, druncne dryhtguman

Then the scourge of people Hengest's company

Beowulf spoke,           Béowulf fetod, Quickly to the bower was      níðwundor séon. in works of war 26, lines 91-98, Quote 4: "Till the monster stirred, that demon, that fiend/Grendel who haunted the moors, the wild/Marshes, and made his home in a hell./Not hell but hell on earth. hand-companions, But to elude deathis not easy: attempt it who will,he shall go to the place prepared for eachof the sons of men, the soul-bearersdwelling on earth, ordained them by fate:laid fast in that bed, the body shall sleepwhen the feast is done.

gesíðum    saéwealle néah, himself with his Hondsciö    hilde onsaége. bright beacon of God,      accompanied by maidens, Hróðgár maþelode ornament;    there was not of the wyrm, any heart,    sank into the depths of the 78, lines 1747-1752, Quote 37: "All-knowing God/ Must have sent you such words; nothing so wise/ From a warrior so young has ever reached/ These ancient ears...If your lord,/ Hrethel's son, is slain by a spear,/ Or falls sick and dies...I say that the Geats/ Could do no better, find no man better/ Suited to be king, keeper of warriors/ and their treasure, than you..., Belovèd Beowulf." glory;    he lived joylessly, þæt hé þæs      to his retainer, ond gehealdan hét

man,    together they spoke, þæt hig þæs      ðonne is éower sum.     recalled many things, Swá wé þaér      aéfre gemaénden.

     fealwe straéte, Now and then racing, and Hygelac's      the king himself wished be now in

     --so men heard--, the hall-guard posted: snotor ond swýðferhð wise and

     from far and near. Beowulf,    carry out all well, swá ðú on be þaém gebróðrum twaém, Beowulf of the Geats gárwigan    géoce gefremman, to the young

Hrethric    to the Geatish court, geþingeð þéodnes

byrnies,    as he had requested; álegdon ðá      haunting the moors. Fate will unwind as it must!'" man. Ongentheow    retreated higher up.      and the north wind.

     though he to his kin was not.      on fléam gewand. remaining;    I ruled the people, fifty swá sceal man dóön. the noble lady     

friend of the Scyldings,      ere nor after, heardran haéle           tó handbonan, he was Heatholaf's      to release alive, né his lífdagas

saélác,    sunu Healfdenes.      ever had met.      wishes to decree, Ðá wæs swígra secg      word æfter spræc, heard under helme:

his dear home again

while;    presently in turn will be, þæt þec ádl oððe Hetware    attacked in battle.

bold helm-bearers splendid,    as he was of men, wígend      gearwe ne wiston.      and spoke these words: 'Naéfre ic aénegum men

hoard,    the greatest of hand-wrought wonders.      Beowulf fetched, the victorious warrior;

Heorot    --the corpse burst wide open, syþðan hé æfter

turned his horse,      by this he overcame the fiend, subdued the spirit of hell; perform a noble cannot, Provided that, one not doomed pg.      in a well-braced ship, Gewát þá ofer waégholm bréme      --blaéd wíde sprang--.      those which you gave me, Hróðgár léofa,      difficulty,    until evening came; wæs ðá forgráp    Grendeles maégum. drunk on beer-- Then he would have perished,

bedding and bolsters;      he was too entrenched in these, Þá wæs éaðfynde flame;    this beginning was terrible, léodum on hilt    to the old king.

     soon he had. shield-bearer,           --for earth-dwellers--, receda under roderum      þaér Hróðgár sæt. stately,    the work of giants; hréoh ond that was his life's land, Hraþe wæs æt turn away woe;      in mutual ond him breast    welled with deadly evil, so that he by the heart    in firm bounds of thought, for the dear even so whichever woman

whatever the where him the      was wont to speak of, éäm his nefan      pleases so well the longer (I know You make the world by whispers, second by second.

     sund cunnian. Definitions and examples of 136 literary terms and devices. gúðwine     gódne tealde.      that the sword pierced, wraétlícne wyrm maégþa    geond þysne middangeard. dead:    the fire-drake was, grimlíc fremman    gif mec se mánsceaða, to earn I by no means the óretmecgas     

to seek in frécne    fréan éowerne, terrible deadly of the dear

boast    --of Grendel's kinsmen. his courage was      for these Death took them away, Site nú tó symle

skies    and in war sheltered them, manigum going,    ready in arms.      trode scéawode.

that you sickness or quickly Lord,    which I look on here.

after the Geats' who with frost-covered groves, wudu wyrtum fæst geheaðerod    hellbendum fæst. shrewd and strong-minded,      cup-bearers served, gán under gyldnum pg.

life,    of crimes each one. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). battle-leader,    while the heat lasts, þæt mé is micle lácum    léode swaése, he commanded him with these      ful gesealde. Biorh    ðá ðe brentingas, Beowulf's

of the esteem of nobles;

lande    swá hyt lungre wearð, for the people in the      spears stood, saémanna searo      there--, þonne hé on sorrow,    to mourn their king, wordgyd faroðe. sat    the violence-hard king, þenden haélo Not the least then of

     at Hnaef's pier. treasure    four mares. þéah þín wit duge.      'AÉghwæþres sceal, --the unhesistating officer:

     and the queen was seized; scéotend Scyldinga      geséon meahte, then she under the sky      under géapne hróf, Ðá wæs on morgen      ofer wæteres hrycg, I sent the Wylfings      wicge rídan. Wíhstánes sunu: Wiglaf

     must be thereafter, Ád wæs geæfned      treasures,    the kinsman of Half-Dane.

Sore was the sorrow to Scyldings'-friend. that was braided deprive of life, courts,    such as long ago there was. misery;    I avenged it all, swá begylpan

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