Love the fact that is it organically grown so I can drink it with the peace of mind that it is safe for my health. We suggest traveling in the area by car because it makes it possible to tour the beautiful countryside at a leisurely pace and view first hand and close up the ubiquitous and quite impressive green tea fields located throughout the region. High quality matcha with a thick vegetal taste and minimal bitterness, Moderate bitterness and slightly nutty with notes of dark leafy greens like kale, Airtight storage containers in two sizes featuring our logo. Gyokuro is the highest grade of Green Tea leaves, which is why it is much more expensive than Sencha. This is my first experience with Gyokuro tea. I heat my water only to the point where the little bubbles come off the bottom of the kettle. Like all true tea, Gyokuro green tea offers many potential health benefits. Sakurajima, an active volcano located in the Kagoshima Bay, that is recognized as the symbol of Kagoshima. We seek your kind understanding for delays of orders placed on 11th November 2020 onwards. Our Price Match Guarantee is applicable only to the item you purchased from our store. After that, steep one or two more times, extending the steeping time slightly with each subsequent infusion. It has a deep vegetal flavor that is very satisfying - smooth, balanced, and "green". Please view the travel suggestions on our Useful Links page. I also buy it by the pound and drink it daily. To request your partial refund, simply email us a link of the product whose price has been lowered and your order ID. The most agreed upon is that a Buddhist priest from the Kyoto area traveled to the hamlet of Yoshimatsu approximately 700 years ago to establish a temple, and thereupon cultivated the first camellia sinensis plant. Don't hesitate, give this tea a try! I have tried several different brands of Gyokuro and at least for me, this is noticeably superior. The taste is like a vegetal/earthy broth. My taste buds are happy. Maybe I will use it for someone who 'doesn't like tea' and I want to open their buds to a world of wonder. Due to the broad, flat terrain of Kagoshima Prefecture, long perfectly-aligned rows of tea can be planted and then harvested by mechanical harvesting machines developed exclusively for this purpose. A full boil can scorch the tea and make it taste completely different. We offer Guaranteed Satisfaction and Free Shipping, as explained below. Order Processing, Order Receipt: Once you submit your order, and it is successfully processed on our secure server, your browser will display an order summary entitled "Order Receipt." For the price, I would expect more whole, unbroken leaves, but what I got was a mixture including lots of broken fragments and some dust. Number of Tin must be less than or equal to total quantity of Loose Tea. Twenty eight percent of Kagoshima green tea comes from the Yutaka Midori cultivar followed by smaller amounts from the Sae Midori and Asatsuyu. This superb green tea is the best green I've ever had. I may share it with dear friends or for a special treat for myself. Free FedEx International shipping over any order of $200.Orders of less than $40 will be billed a flat rate of $20 for shipping and handling. Singing in the sky above you For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible, and avoid overboiling. These unique high-volume harvesters are highly efficient and effect a very precise and even pluck of each tea leaf. Posted by Mike Schroeder on 8th Mar 2010. This must be the kind of tea they use for tea ceremonies. I have been searching for an authentic green tea that matches one given as a gift to me by a friend that had visited Japan. High quality, long-rolled, beautiful depth of color, and intact leaves. Be sure to brew at 175 to 180 degrees a bit less if you want it to infuse more times. Over the years I've had some good Gyokuro and some bad, and that can be frustrating when you consider the price. If you find any other online store which sells the same item for a lower price within 6 months of the date of your purchase, please let us know, and we will be glad to match that price and refund you the difference. (over $40 of order today), Light Steamed Sencha Yabukita Green Tea (AsamushiCha), Organic Gyokuro Premium - Single Estate Origin, Organic Benifuki Sencha - Single Estate Origin, Organic Excellent Deep Steamed Sencha - Single Estate Origin, Premium Deep Steamed Shincha Yutaka Midori, Kagoshima Sencha Green Tea Bags - Hot or Cold Brewing, Loose Leaf Green Teas - Shincha (New Crop), 10 Reasons You Will Like Kagoshima Green Tea.

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