To get to the low end of normal you would need to weigh 117. Whats an average bench press for a 16 year old? Its not about the weight its about the results you have to remember that! Average pushups by age Males 17-39. Originally … Am i ok though? Find answers now! To learn more, please visit our. Female bench press numbers are different from the men’s numbers. Now if someone has shoulder pain, they should avoid this exercise, regardless of their age, until their shoulder heals. In gym, everything is weighed in kg's. Average pushups by age Males 17-39. I turn 17 in September, so I'm technically 16. The Average Male Deadlift. Table 1: High School - Age 14-15 years old (Football) Percentile Bench Press Squat Power Clean 90 % 243 385 213 80 % 210 344 195 70 % 195 325 190 60 % 185 306 183 50 % 170 295 173 40 % 165 275 166 30 % 155 255 161 20 % 145 236 153 10 % 125 205 141 Table 2: High School - Age 16-18 years old … Lv 6. Unless you take every 16 year old male record their bench weight and get the mean. Anonymous. My goal for the end of Junior year is 225. A major factor is also body weight, so that needs to be taken into account. With a novice, intermediate, advanced or elite level of weight training, her average bench press weight should be about 85, 95, 125 and 150 pounds respectively. Average bench press for 17 year old? 5ft 10 inches or so-give or take an inch. Though standards charts exist, averages are based on many factors. I weigh around 185 but i threw on a lot of fat in the last three months. Bench Press Average for Men 7 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercising ... Based on the national average, a 40-year-old man should be able to complete 27 push-ups. when there was only 40lbs+20lbs of the bar, i could do about 20+reps. depends on your build, how long uv been doin it, medical history, many things. I think average (for girls who can even bench at all) in my weight training class is 90lbs. REMEMBER: i need as many answers as i can, so hopefully i could average them up. This calculation is based on 1.5 x 175 pounds. Sharpies134. The size of or is has nothing to do with function. Complete as many I weigh 165, and I just recently (within the past 3 months) started benching. Bicep curl and bench press are so completely different, that there's really no comparing numbers there. PS: i will tell you all mine, after the question is resolved. Im barely 16 by the way. You can sign in to vote the answer. View Profile View Forum Posts Registered User Join Date: Oct 2014 Posts: 89 Rep Power: 158. This calculation is based on his weight of 130 pounds multiplied by 1.5. Related Articles. You may be a late bloomer where your puberty will occur later. This goes all the way until you are over 320 pounds. I bench 600, squat 1000 and deadlift 1200 lbs raw. Eldon Olson is a mild-mannered 68-year-old man who lives in Billings. The following plan is the product of countless plans redone, discarded, edited, and combined into one flawless workout plan for getting toned but mainly packing on solid mass! what is the average penis size for a 16 year old boy? Bench press is one of the most commonly performed exercises in the weight rooms. – Parker . The average man earns $36,100 per year and has $3,100 in the bank. The reason for this is that a child's bone strcuture is not yet done forming until they have reached this age. If you're wondering what the average bench press is for adults, there's no simple solution. I do other machines too, not just bench press. Whats the average 16 year old bench press? For a solid grown-up male younger than 40, the normal number of pushups is 16 to 29 of everyone sitting. Pausing at the bottom makes it a lot harder, and it is necessary in powerlifting. Female Standards. Asked by Wiki User. First, divide the weight you lift by your bodyweight. If you stand around 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weigh 166 pounds, you meet the U.S. average for women over the age of 20 years old. I can bench 230 squat 325 and deadlift 355. On the other hand I can deadlift over 150kg, which shows that being skinny affects bench press more than some other lifts. I'm 16 and bench about 225 about 10 times, Im 145 pounds and I have been working out for 4 years and my bench is 185 5 times and every day I get stronger. what's the average bench press for 16 year old guys? Using the bench press test table below: See how the maximum weight you can bench press for a single repetition compares to that of other men in your age-group. . Favorite Answer. Among 16 year olds who lift weights, the one rep max average is going to be much higher. For a woman who weighs 181 pounds, the average weight of her bench press is expected to be substantially heavier than that of a lighter woman. My bench is 365 for 4 reps no cheating. 175lbs is really good bench press for a 15yr old girl regardless of your size. If so the average bench is 230, while the top of the line amount is 395. thats about 154lbs and I mean you can measure strength by your age you know at 16 some ppl are 6'6 and some are 5'5 and I don't think bench weight can be good or bad the best thing is being in shape. Gym=405/270/455 (1130) Meet=391.3/264.6/479.5 (1135.4) 03-14-2015, 10:42 AM #4. tylleris. I am 5' 8" and weigh 146 pounds and bench press maxed out at 170 pounds. Lifting weights before this age is a bad idea and can cause deformities and trouble later on in life. Average height and weight for 16 year old boy. my friends do like 50kg for normal reps and they can lift like 80kg/90kg once, I struggle to get 5 reps with a 40kg. Cardiorespiratory Endurance Tests. Bench 1.5 Times Your Body Weight Upper-body strength is important for more than bench-press bragging rights. According to Men's Health, the average male bench presses up to one and a half times his own body weight. I am 16 years old I haven't really worked out consistently until thus school year I would work out before that but not as much as now. However, to calculate average bench press standards, certain factors are required, such as sex, weight and age. Weigh 235 at about 14% bodyfat offseason. i just did this for fun and i was the only girl that could do it and im TINY. 2011-09-12 15:45:10 2011-09-12 15:45:10 . I have not a clue in what the average 60 year old should start out with to workout. I will be 60 in a few days and not sure what to start him out with he does a bowflex but no free weights.. Last edited by RetiredCO; 02-18-13 at 02:02 . The corresponding row in the 30-39 age-group column shows a percentile ranking of 75. 2; James . Women of the same weight with novice, intermediate, advanced or elite levels of weight training should have average bench press weights of 110, 120, 160 and 195 pounds respectively. Meanwhile, the average bench press standard for an untrained woman who weighs 165 pounds is a bench of 80 pounds, or 95 for a novice. Intermediate lifters with a couple of years of experience in weight training average 285 pounds for the squat, 215 pounds for the bench press, and 335 pounds for the deadlift. Variables. I'm guessing that the average raw bench press for a 19 year old kid is around 165-225. I am 16 years old and weigh around 150 lbs. Answer Save. Males are considered to be of sound upper-body strength if they are able to bench press 1.5 times their body weight. I play Baseball and do MMA.I am 14 years old and lifting above average for my body weight and height. An elite lifter has dedicated over five years to become competitive at strength sports. Senior's Chair Stand Test . So I am asking: 1. how tall are 16 year old boys on average? And if you fall flat, try Durkin’s bench-press-boosting advice to push past your plateau. Many people over age 65 are already strong enough to start benching with a 45 pound bar. For a solid grown-up male younger than 40, the normal number of pushups is 16 to 29 of everyone sitting. 7 8 9. I hate this question though because guys our age feel discouraged if they cant bench as much as the other guy. I'm 16 years old I weigh 170 and bench 265. SLS. REMEMBER: i need as many answers as i can, so hopefully i could average them up. This is a specific repetition maximum (RM) test for the upper body, using the bench press exercise. i … Heavy Body Weight and Bench Press Weight . This calculation is based on 1.5 x 175 pounds. 1 decade ago. You can download a growth chart from www.Cdc.Gov/growthcharts to follow growth patterns. In 1999, Eastern Kentucky defensive tackle Justin Ernest performed 51 reps with 225 pounds at the NFL combine. About Us. At 60, you should be able to do 17. The average man is 34.4 years old. I weigh 138 pounds and bench 155 pounds six times and my max is 200 pounds. You know the word record on a raw deadlift is 1015 lbs held by Benedikt Magnússon. Bench Press. The average weight most adult men and women can bench press depends on age, fitness level, and other factors. i think it depends on how many reps you do. Though standards charts exist, averages are based on many factors. The average 40 year old male bench presses in the mid-to high 100's, and with proper training, should attain a 250 pound bench press.

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