[10] [30], Officers' quarters on a refit configuration Constitution. (Star Trek: The Original Series (citation needed • edit); ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"; DIS: "Brother", "Such Sweet Sorrow", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2"; ST: "Q&A", "The Trouble with Edward", "Ask Not"), After the refit, the color scheme varied, changing from a beige tone, with red accents to a predominate overall gray/dark gray toward the 2280s. Main engineering was lodged on Decks 14 and 15. U.S.S. Also aboard were an arboretum, gymnasium, a bowling alley, a theater, and a chapel. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), By the 2290s, the size of officers' quarters was reduced to one large room and crewmen were housed in dormitories with bunk beds. Ticonderoga NCC-1736 • [29], Constitution class shuttlebay (SD 7412.6) (ST01), The shuttlecraft hangar level was on Deck 18, below the shuttlebay. (TOS: "The Tholian Web") A single detonation of a nuclear warhead less than a hundred meters away could cause internal overloads on the ship and leak radiation through the shields to the outer regions of the ship. [13] [28] [35], Original configuration Constitution-class USS Defiant firing its secondary hull aft phasers, Ship-mounted phaser banks had a range of approximately 90,000 kilometers, and like hand phasers, were capable of being adjusted to stun, heat, or disintegrate visible targets, including objects or beings in space or on a planet's surface at a focus ranging from narrow to wide beam. Rodis' dimensions for the new ships (and spacedock) were reciprocally adopted by Probert for the later Writer's Technical Manual. ", Matheson, R. (writer); Penn, L. (director) (1966). The ship's surgeon was unable to determine what was happening, and eventually the insanity induced by the phenomenon lead the crew to kill each other. Apollo (Akula frigate / light cruiser) • Crew quarters were located throughout the saucer section – keeping with Starfleet tradition, Deck 5 housed the senior officers' quarters. [11] [15], Various science labs, numbering fourteen in all, [17] were located in the primary hull in the class' original configuration. Androcus NCC-1738 • Enterprise rendezvous with the Discovery, 2257. At least one other medical lab was located elsewhere on the vessel, and was used for biopsy, among other things. [31], Constitution class impulse engines (SD 7412.6) (ST01), The ship's fabrication facility was located on Deck 8 and, using technology similar to that found in food synthesizers, it could manufacture nearly any object programmed into the fabricator matrix, and the adjoining reclamation facility reduced discarded items to their component elements for later use. Deflector shields (teleplay); Wallerstein, H. (director) (1969). Phaser power was increased by drawing energy directly from the warp drive. A wide range of Starfleet and Federation craft could utilize this state-of-the-art landing facility. Apart from designing the ship, Art Director Matt Jefferies was also responsible for conceiving its original, famous registry number "NCC-1701". Later that year, the Defiant responded to a distress call from an unexplored sector of space, claimed by the Tholian Assembly. The Constitution-class was a Federation heavy cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the mid-to-late 23rd century. (director) (1974). Merrimac NCC-1715 • Decks: U.S.S. Akagi • Nimoy, L. (director/story by); Bennett, H. (story/screenplay); Meerson, S.; Krikes, P.; Meyer, N. (screenplay) (1986). ", Ehrlich, M. (story/teleplay); Coon, G. (teleplay); Pevney, J. Its author Stephen Whitfield, who had full access to production sources, wrote the book during the production of season two, narrowing the class launch window down to the mid-2220s. Constitution NCC-1700, commissioned on Reference Stardate 1/8801.04 (04 January[9] 2245,[5]) was followed by a new ship each month thereafter: the U.S.S. Deneb NCC-1826 • ", Trivers, B. Langley NCC-1749 • Saratoga NCC-1724 • (story/teleplay); Fontana, D. (teleplay); Daniels, M. (director) (1968). 2240s-2270s, 25th century 18 phaser banks2 fore torpedo launchers U.S.S. Anak NCC-1821 • U.S.S. Deflector shieldsDefense fields But, obviously we wanted to create a more modern experience and that necessitated certain adjustments." Mounted into the room's forward bulkhead was the main viewscreen. [3][32], Constitution class bridge (SD 8130.3) (ST02), The computer system installed on the Constitution class prior to 2270 was inadequate to the task of handling the new propulsion and deflector systems,[29] so a new computer system was installed,[1] requiring further modification to the primary hull. There was also a "gangway"-style airlock on the port edge of the saucer section. Eskiis NCC-1789 • [9] The implied intent had already accrued credence when the redesign appeared as Kirk's Original Series ship in the Star Trek: Short Treks episode "Ephraim and Dot" shortly before its holographic reappearance, for all intent and purposes the first actual retconning of the ship in canon – which, incidentally, was all the more remarkable as the interiors shown in that episode adhered more closely to the ones as seen in The Original Series. (TAS: "Beyond the Farthest Star") After the major refit in the early 2270s, the bridge aboard Constitution-class vessels would continue to utilize two turbolifts, but both would be located behind the command chair.

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