Rally equals happiness. Photo: Actiongraphers. Not really, but this is the bike I had, and to be honest, I’m quite happy with my choice despite coming in last! - Postage and packing of physical items delivered directly to you, worldwide. The most economical option is to camp in the bivouac. René METGE. Something that will be around for years to come. "We look forward to seeing you in 2022 for the 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE." Its unique design will clearly show you are a member of the team, along with our key partners for 2020. Was it the ideal choice? If you want to rent a motorcycle for the rally, a KTM450 EXC complete with a 15-liter tank and a roadbook navigation tower for the whole rally will cost you around 2,600 euro. Eco Challenge, also known as “the world’s toughest race”, is a multi-day non-stop expedition adventure race, where teams of four battle for the number one position. You can combine doing your own service and paying mechanics per job whenever you need help to save on support costs – this is what I did during Hellas, but again, having support would have saved a lot of nerves, anxiety, and stress. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Photo: Actiongraphers. Usually, rally organizers offer racing insurance on the spot. Team Races 2 Places - Race 2 Dakar LIVE (Africa Eco Race). Used by Lyndon on Races to Places, Dakar Rally and the team during the Africa Eco Race. Created by Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett, the TV show originally aired on cable TV from April 1995 to April 2002. Laba7 roadbook navigation kit for Hellas Rally, Rally Season in Europe and North Africa: Where to Begin, Kawasaki Unveils 5 New Bikes (At The Same Time), Exclusive Lee Morrison Interview: Stunt Coordinator for No Time to Die (James Bond 007). 5 legs. Rent prices differ depending on the manufacturer. - A selection of small items from some of the team sponsors. If you want mechanical support during the rally, the price will vary on the package. Rally bivouac will have shower and toilet facilities and a canteen providing meals (and beers). Team Races 2 Places - Race 2 Dakar LIVE (Africa Eco Race) We will be creating a 20 minute daily special feature video and supplementary media live from Africa. A pledge of £290 or more gets all of reward level #1 'Own a piece of the race' and reward level #2 'Basic Teamwear Package' PLUS: By pledging you agree to Kickstarter's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Camping at the bivouac. - A 'Team Races to Places' t-shirt that shows you supported this project. Normally, this would be for the adventure or Lite class, whereas the main rally entry fee would be 7-800 euros, but this is still less than the typical 3,000+ entry fee for the big desert rallies. It's a race with values , human values, eco-responsable values… A true and efficient aid for the Children of Africa and that is important ! Pledge this amount or more and get your hands on a personal thank you pack including: Be a 'Title Supporter' of the series - Ideal for companies or events to be visually represented in an opening sequence of an episode. You can also pay rally mechanics per job, for example, a tire change or roadbook equipment installation. Reminiscent of Thierry SABINE, it was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to the next editions. Running around the bivouac looking for spokes for your weird 17” wheel at 10 pm is no fun, trust me. Alexandre DEBANNE - AER2020 SSV. AER2021 - CANCELLATION We will be creating a 20 minute daily special feature video and supplementary media live from Africa. Receive all three levels of reward above PLUS: 31 Checkpoints. However, if you just want to try a smaller rally, or one that has an adventure or amateur class, like the Hellas Rally Raid in Greece, it’s much more achievable. Read more. So, what are the rally costs, and what does a racing budget look like? Teams That Did Not Finish *Able Abels (USA) Photo by Actiongraphers | www.actiongraphers.com. Put some money aside in case you need to ship your bike back, and make sure you have decent medical insurance. If you have a racing license, you may already have a basic racing insurance included, but you’ll have to check that. All in all, if you’re riding your own bike and servicing your bike yourself/paying rally mechanics per job, stay in a hotel during the race, and already have a roadbook navigation kit or managed to borrow it from someone, a seven-day rally like Hellas will cost you around 1,500 – 2,000 euros ($1,680-2,230), not including shipping your bike to and from the rally, daily fuel, spare parts, and food expenses. - Postage and packing of items, delivered directly to you, worldwide. During the rally, you’ll also spend money on fuel, bike washes, oil, chain cleaner/lube, and so on. After more than a month of traveling through Senegal and Mauritania, the recce team of the AFRICA ECO RACE have finalised the stages of the "DAKAR-DAKAR" route. Normally, this would be for the adventure or Lite class, whereas the main rally entry fee would be 7-800 euros, but this is still less than the typical 3,000+ entry fee for the big desert rallies. Note: Video's and intro will be delivered in January 2020 daily from the race but remainder of package will not be shipped until March due to lead times on some physical items within the other levels. * Featured on television show episodes. You do not get this fee back after you hand the GPS tracker device back to the organizers. - An Enduristan Lyndon Organiser - a creative parts or accessories organiser for your travels and adventures. Lots of rallies have an adventure raid class, which means you can race on your ADV bike. A basic hotel room in Karpenissi, Greece, near the rally bivouac, cost around 45-55 euros per night. TAC – Team Assistance Crew. During the rally, things on your bike will probably break, and you’ll need to budget for spares. I joined the AFRICA ECO RACE for the first time in 2020. A basic one including daily maintenance, tire and oil changes, and repairs costs from 650 euros for the whole rally. If you’re racing on your own bike, you can either ship the bike to the rally location, or ride it there yourself. The main feeling at the Africa Race, during the day, on the race, the evening at the bivouac, the briefings, is the spirit of mutual aid… It is a big family !

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