Add in the fact that most voters are not informed votes can lead to the wrong person getting elected and a mob rule. Non democracy also does not give you much freedom if you are a citizen of the country. Some countries in the world are adhered to this democratic government system. But with Democracy you can vote in who you like to be at the top like Hitler was but yeah i think their both good and bad in some ways. This shows that in a democracy if the educational system and the press fails to properly inform the public about the issues they are voting on, The democracy will fail as well. When there is fixed and elected representatives, a more stable and responsible government is formed. Non-Democratic Government: All people are not treated equally. Finally. According to experts, democracy seems to be the very first schools for good citizenship. Democratic Government: All people have equal rights regardless of their status and positions. It prevents monopoly of authority.Due to the fact that the government is bound … When you try to prove the truth in front of 100 liars who all are opposing you, your truth would be considered and proved as a lie and you are going to be the liar. But in Authoritarian governments the state controlled media and education provides all of the answers and does not allow voting. Is not better than a democratic govt. Non-democracy refers to governance systems other than democracy. Democracy does not start wars it ends them. A non-democratic government is a government that does not follow democracy. Just typing until I get rid of it. There is no debating with another party to pass laws so things get done faster. 1. . These officials then vote on policies, laws, and other items of government business on behalf of the people so that the general population doesn’t need to vote on every separate issue as they would in a direct democracy. A non democratic government means that the government has lots of power over you and they can do anything they like and a democratic government allows the country to have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of voting for government and freedom of expression. Remember what the Nazis did to the world? If the person will not be partial towards some like in many democratic rule then non-democracy is the best. On the other hand, a non-democratic government gives power to a nation's rulers, not its citizens. Democratic Government: Leaders or representatives are elected by the people. Non-Democratic Government: The power lies with the government. This means that all members of a country or a state are equal in the eyes of law. – Definition, Types, Features, Characteristics, 2. For example, they are not allowed to criticize, protest, or form opposing parties. These may include systems such as monarchies, oligarchies, and theocracies. There are four main elements in a democracy: There are several variations in democratic government. Let us look at the definition of democracy and its advantages and disadvantages. Instead of changing governments every few years which the New people just undo what the last person did non-democracy does not waste huge amounts of money on elections or advertisements. ISBN 978-0-415-78128-2. Let’s briefly look at some of these forms of governance in order to understand the characteristics of a non-democratic government. That is why we all need democracy. Active participation of citizens in politics and civic life. It protects the interest of citizens.As previously stated, the citizens in a democratic country are given the right to vote on political, social and economical issues, particularly the representatives they want to be in charge of making major decisions, such as the president. Advantages of Democracy. Democracy was made in the eyes of people who never had someone not care for their opinion, And I feel that’s what democracy should be for is the unheard. Nazi Germany's and communist China have made horrible events happen and both those countries did not have a democratic government. A democratic government holds competitive elections, values civil liberties and adheres to principles of political and legal equality. I am saying no to even out the odds. People who are given the power to vote are able to maintain the momentum they want on specific legislative items so that, over time, society can be shaped in a way that benefits virtually everyone. Home » Public » Politics » Difference Between Democratic and Non-Democratic Government. . In democracy to produce a law it almost takes a month to produce it and solving the disputes among people if there are people against it it will almost take a month but in non democracy it takes less than a week so non democracy is the best thank you.

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