John 20:23 What is the correct interpretation of John 20:23? The notes on the Greek text set forth its meaning concisely. Christ at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15), 18. James Rosscup - A well-organized, suggestively rich lighter, devotional commentary by the famous preacher and writer of a well-known series on Bible characters (Abraham, Moses, Elijah, etc.) Christ's love explained (John 13:6-11), 3. Spiritual sight is the product of human reception (John 9:36-38), 5. 7 (1845): 405-436. John 5:1-15 Why did Jesus tell people to ‘go and sin no more’ if sinlessness is impossible? Christ Raising Lazarus, Concluded (John 11:28-44), 40. There are also notes on the text dealing with textual, critical, and interpretative matters. John 19:30 What did Jesus mean when He said “It is finished”? - "The Passion of Jesus: History Remembered or Prophecy Historicized?" John 11:20-27 Lazarus - Death: Then What? John 13:1-30 What happened during Jesus’ last hours on earth? This materal was preached by Pastor Cole over almost 2 years! Structure. Over Jordan, John 11:1-27 Bethany. Serving Christ's sheep (John 21:15-17), 2. John 8:44 What does it mean that Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44)? John 14:15-31 Who's Afraid of the Holy Ghost? John 15:1-6 - Gary W. Derickson, "Viticulture and John 15:1-6," Bibliotheca Sacra 153 (Jan.-March 1996): 34-52. John 4:27-42 Revival in Small Town Samaria. John 10:1-21 The Problem with Shepherds and Sheep, John 10:7-18 Delectable Mountains and Enchanted Ground, John 11:28-53 The Priorities of the Christian Life, John 12:1-8 Greater than Our Sin, Greater than Our Deeds; So Great is Jesus, John 12:20-26 The Stones Cry Out: Sir, We Would See Jesus, John 12:27-43 I Want to Be in That Thunder: The Gospel as Warfare, John 13:1-17 The Call to Missionary Service, John 16:33 Peace in a World of Tribulation, John 17:18 The Mission and the Mission of God's People, John 18:33-38 Christian World View - Postmodernism #2, John 19:16-30 Last Words for the First of the Year, John 19:38-20:9 Conjuring, Tricks with Bones. Marcus Dods. Nathanael, John 1:50, 51 The First Disciples: V. Believing and Seeing, John 2:11 The First Miracle in Cana — The Water Made Wine, John 2:19 The Destroyers and the Restorer, John 5:8 The Third Miracle in John’s Gospel, John 6:11 The Fourth Miracle in John’s Gospel, John 6:19, 20 The Fifth Miracle in John’s Gospel, John 6:28, 29 How to Work the Work of God, John 7:33, 34, 8:33 One Saying with Two Meanings, John 9:4 Ro 13:12 One Metaphor and Two Meanings, John 9:6, 7 The 6th Miracle in John’s Gospel-The Blind Made to See, and the Seeing Made Blind, John 11:43, 44 The Seventh Miracle in John’s Gospel — The Raising of Lazarus, John 11:1-11 Love’s Prodigality Censured and Vindicated, John 13:1 The Love of the Departing Christ, John 14:20, 21 The Gifts of the Present Christ, John 14:28, 29 Joy and Faith, the Fruits of Christ’s Departure, John 14:30, 31 Christ Foreseeing His Passion, John 15:5-8 The True Branches of the True Vine, John 15:12, 13 The Oneness of the Branches, John 15:21-25 The World’s Hatred, as Christ Saw It, John 16:7, 8 The Departing Christ and the Coming Spirit, John 16:29-32 Glad Confession and Sad Warning, John 19:17-30 An Eye-witness’s Account of the Crucifixion, John 19:30, Rev 21:6 Christ’s Finished and Unfinished Work, John 20:21-23 The Risen Lord’s Charge and Gift, John 21:18, 19 Youth and Age, and the Command for Both, John 21:21, 22 They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait’, John 1:14 Incarnation and Character of Christ, John 1:16 The Believer's Interest in Christ's Fulness, John 1:18 The Manifestation Which Christ Has Given of the Father, John 1:45 Sight of Jesus, A Source of Joy, John 2:18, 19 The Resurrection, A Proof of Christ's Messiahship, John 3:3 The Nature and Necessity of Regeneration, John 3:14, 15 The Brazen Serpent A Type of Christ, John 3:16 The Love of God in Giving His Son for Man, John 3:17 The End For Which God Sent His Son, John 3:29, 30 Conversion of Souls A Ground of Joy, John 3:36 The Necessity of Faith in Christ, John 4:10 Christ A Fountain of Living Water, John 4:29 Conviction of Sin, A Preparation for Salvation, John 4:34 Christ's Diligence in Serving God, John 4:35, 36 The Happy State of the Church, John 4:41, 42 Conversion of the Samaritans, John 5:14 The Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda, John 5:17, 18 Christ's Equality with the Father, John 5:21-23 Christ's Vindication of His Own Divine Character, John 5:39 Christ's Appeal to the Scriptures, John 5:40 The True Reason of Men's Destruction, John 5:44 Faith Incompatible With the Love of Man's Applause, John 6:28, 29 The Necessity of Faith in Christ, John 6:37 Christ's Willingness to Receive Sinners, John 6:44 Man's Inability to Come to Christ, John 6:53-55 The Importance of Living by Faith on Christ, John 6:67-69 Christ the One Source of Eternal Life, John 6:67-69 No Saviour But the Lord Jesus, John 7:17 Connection Between Piety and Knowledge, John 7:37, 38 Christ's Offer of the Spirit, John 8:10, 11 - The Woman Taken In Adultery Dismissed, John 8:36 The Liberty Which Christ Gives His People, John 8:42 Love to Christ A Test of Our Relation to God, John 9:4 The Need of Working While it is Day, John 9:6, 7 The Blind Man Healed at the Pool of Siloam, John 9:35-38 Disposition to Be Exercised Towards the Gospel, John 9:39 Discriminating Effects of the Gospel, John 10:17, 18 Voluntariness of Christ's Undertaking, John 10:27, 28 Security of Christ's Sheep, John 11:25, 26 Christ the Resurrection and the Life, John 11:51, 52 The Prophetic Counsel of Caiaphas, John 12:23, 24 Our Lord's Views of His Own Death, John 12:26 The Benefit of Following Christ, John 12:31, 32 The Effects of Christ's Death, John 12:35, 36 The Duty of Walking in the Light, John 12:42, 43 The Danger of Loving the Praise of Men, John 14:1 Faith in Christ An Antidote to All Trouble, John 14:2, 3 The Comfort to Be Derived from Christ's Ascension, John 14:6 No Way to God But Through Christ, John 14:13.

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