as you release any retained water (which you should be drinking A LOT of) during the fast. MCT oil or coconut oil (if making bulletproof coffee), 1 small package of raw chicken wings (for dinner on day 6) Before you check out the five-day plan, there are general guidelines to keep in mind so that you don’t ruin your egg fast. I’m not the boss of you and neither is the egg fast. 2 – 3 eggs fried or scrambled with 2 Tbsp butter, 1 String Cheese or 1 ounce of other cheese, 1/2 cup Simple Egg Salad (and no, you can’t have the bacon shown in the photo on that egg salad recipe during this egg fast plan) A question for you: I’ve been drinking hot water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and a scoop of collagen as soon as I wake up for years. If you already love eggs, then you might be looking forward to some variety by the end of the fast, but you’ll be back to enjoying them again soon after. A ketogenic diet isn’t complete without butter — and the same goes for an egg fast. For lunch, boil three large eggs and combine them with two tablespoons of mayonnaise. DON’T BE “THAT GUY” – READ THE FAQ’S BEFORE COMMENTING! This plan doesn’t use heavy whipping cream. The ketogenic diet is actually important if you want to try the egg fast. It will be monotonous but you can still get results. You might even gain back all the weight you lost once you return to a regular diet. Add salt and pepper; the spices are optional. Wait for two hours before you have your actual breakfast. Diet soda is inherently unhealthy for you. The few exceptions are listed below for you to make ahead. 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro (optional) Based on my anecdotal research, it seems that the people who continue to eat 2 meals of eggs the first couple of days off the plan have the best success at not gaining any weight back. Can I adapt this plan for intermittent fasting? Thus, you have to be mindful of your diet. So between the massive amounts of Choline in the yolks, and the bounty of Methionine in the whites, eggs are pretty much the perfect liver food – add some Casein in the form of cheese, and you’re in business! What can I replace the chicken wings and ground beef with on the 5-day egg diet? Each stick already gives 85 calories, 6.3g fat, and 6.3 carbohydrates. If you choose to try it despite being in a high-carb diet, you might feel lethargic and negatively affect your health. Any full fat, less than 1g net carb per ounce type of cheese should be ok. (cream cheese, mascarpone, cheddar, mozzarella, brie, monterrey jack, etc.). For breakfast, cook another delicious omelet using three eggs and a tablespoon of butter. That being said, if you want to experiment with a handful of spinach here, a few romaine leaves there, some chopped onions and peppers thrown into your eggs, etc. The moment you wake up, prepare a 16-ounce bulletproof coffee. Your email address will not be published. It’s known that a keto diet can easily help you lose around 50 pounds per year, but there are instances when it becomes harder to lose weight after some time. Here are a few notes on why I put this keto egg fast diet menu plan together the way I did: I know that if you’ve been following IBIH and have seen the yummy egg fast recipes I’ve been posting lately, that you’re thinking “bring on the snickerdoodle crepes and fettuccini alfredo” on Day One! 2 Tbsp sour cream You may have a slight intolerance to eggs Sandra, which could account for such uncomfortable symptoms when eating so many of them. Overall, the egg fast is an interesting approach to weight loss. You don’t have to eat raw eggs nor do you have to stick to plain cooked eggs. Your email address will not be published. They are incredibly healthy foods — and you can prepare them in a variety of ways. ground cinnamon (crepes) Hey I plan to do this – I am on a low carb diet and wanted to ask you I don’t plan to follow on this high fat contents but I plan to have egg and cheese with little tomatoes onions and cilantro – I think I can do with deviled eggs and stuff but it won’t be purely keto. You can eat as many as six large-sized eggs each day. The answer is NO. « Keto Coconut Shortbread Cookies – Low Carb. As we’ve mentioned before, being in a state of ketosis is essential; the egg fast diet is also high in protein and fats after all. The protein in the collagen and carbs in the lemon juice could skew the macros enough to keep you from getting optimal results. In particular, the butter must come from a grass-fed variant. 1 deli slice cheddar cheese, quartered and microwaved until crisp (approx 30 seconds), 1 serving Buffalo Omelette (if really hungry you can eat the entire omelette, even though the serving size in the recipe is shown as only 1/2), 1/2 cup Simple Egg Salad This is a late addition to the FAQ’s based on the comments. Dig deeper →. 4 oz mascarpone cheese (for the fettuccini on day 5), lite salt (half potassium half sodium) There’s a guideline you have to follow, but it’s as simple as eating a couple of eggs every meal time and being aware of how much other foods you eat — and when you eat them. You won’t get all the essential nutrients you need by eating boiled eggs alone, but they’re low in calories and packed with protein. Lunch is served with a spicy and cheesy two-egg omelet. Even if you eat six eggs on a regular basis, you won’t attain a healthy metabolism. I couldn’t stand the thought of another egg by Day five. By then, you should take our your frying pan and place a tablespoon of butter on it. The key to good BPC is that you emulsify it. You can eat three large-sized eggs and accumulate just short of 300 calories. However, ensure that you get the sugar-free mayonnaise for your egg fast. Or mix and match days to your own preference – just don’t say I didn’t warn you, and be sure not to overeat the cheese or skimp on the butter/mayo/other fats. To make it: Combine 6-8 ounces of coffee with 1 Tbsp unsalted butter (I use Kerrygold), and 1 Tbsp of MCT oil (coconut oil works if you can’t get MCT oil). Find out all about the egg fast on our comprehensive guide below. Shout it from the rooftops! Consult a nutritionist and a doctor if you have to. ground coriander (chili) Make sure you’re getting most of your liquid from regular water though and avoid the diet sodas if you can. Don’t stop taking any medications! Plus, you get to eat other foods such as meat and even vegetables during your off days under the egg fast diet. Was i meant to eat 4 or 1? Maybe it’s my age but after 3 days with no weight loss I will go back to the regular keto plan. If you’re already taking vitamins or supplements, continue as long as they are mostly sugar free. Furthermore, you won’t feel hungry all day because they are high in protein, which reduces your appetite. And by the way, this trifecta of liver superstars are pretty much cancelled out in the presence of excess glucose from food or alcohol – which an egg fast also eliminates. I’ve been on a plateau for 2 weeks so decided to try the egg fast. What makes them great for anyone practicing the ketogenic diet is that they contain a lot of fat and protein. Focus on eating until you’re full and no more. Plus, a keto diet gives you the fiber your body needs, which the egg fast unfortunately lacks. Why? Thank you. After two or three hours, you can cook three eggs. Ewww. It has thermogenic (fat burning) properties, and gives you ridiculous amounts of energy. The egg fast works because of the low-calorie content of eggs. hot sauce (I like Frank’s Red Hot) 1lb ground beef (for the chili on day 7). Just use between two to three eggs along with pizza sauce, spinach, and various cheese varieties. Feel free to send us a message for any queries. Instead of having an eggs-only diet, you should try the egg fast diet. And lastly, don’t forget to drink at least 12 glasses of water on a regular basis. So whether you plan to undertake an egg fast or not, if you’re having trouble losing weight – especially on a ketogenic low carb diet, then you should seriously consider adding a few eggs per day to your eating plan! So there it is. I think you’ll be ok. But this time, you should use olive oil for cooking instead of butter. You should still be mindful of your carb intake, but you now get the chance to eat all the bacon, chicken, and cheese you want. You will have low energy and lack other important nutrients. onion powder (chili) You can only have five grams of net carbs each day. parmesan cheese, 2 avocados (you won’t need these until day 6 and 7) However, not everyone can participate in the egg fast as soon as they want. Is that ok? How Many Eggs Can You Eat in a Day to Lose Weight? I’m rarely hungry in the morning. Basically on an egg fast you are consuming eggs, butter (or other pure and healthy fat like olive oil or coconut oil), and cheese, with a few exceptions for low carb condiments like hot sauce, mustard, etc. I’m 71, and have been following the egg fast plan (3rd day). It’s possible when just eating them occasionally that you never noticed.

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